Unlike Other Politician Kids, Sonakshi Sinha Hated Security Cloud Around Her 

Sonakshi Sinha threatened to leave school after Shatrughan Sinha became a minister and here’s the reason why.

Sonakshi will be seen next in Abhishek Dudhaiya’s war drama Bhuj: The Pride Of India, romancing Ajay Devgn.

Sonakshi Sinha maybe just a decade old in the film industry but despite that she had the spotlight on her from an early age, being the daughter of veteran actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha.

Unlike Other Politician Kids, Sonakshi Sinha Hated Security Cloud Around Her

Sometime back, on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s radio show What Women Want, Sonakshi revealed that she would feel weird when she was accompanied by her father’s security staff everywhere.

She told Kareena Kapoor Khan,

“I would feel very weird that everywhere I went, someone would always come with me. When my father became a minister, I was in the 6th or 7th standard. Suddenly, heavy security and gunmen started travelling with us. I went to school and a jeep filled with security guards carrying guns followed me. The entire school was like, ‘What is happening?.””

Sonakshi also revealed that she had put her foot down and made it clear to her mother, Poonam Sinha, to put an end to this.

These were her words,

“I felt so terrible; I went and told my mother that I would not go to school until all this stops. I think that was my first taste of real independence, to make all this stop happening.”

When the time came for Sonakshi’s college, she went for the one that was far from where she lived, so that she could have the experience of traveling by train.

“You have to learn these things on your own. Since childhood, I have had things about being independent. I want to learn things and grow as a person.”

It is a new thing to know, as a lot of kids enjoy special treatment especially when they are in school. It is a kind of mind game that they play with their fellow classmates of being special.


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