Sonakshi Sinha Arrest: Is it Real or Just a Publicity Stunt?

As shocking as it might sound, but two videos of Sonakshi Sinha are going viral on social media where she is clearly visible with handcuffs while being arrested by the cops, all with a smile of no wrongdoing on her face. The moment these videos were available online, they spread like wildfire on the internet, netizens started speculating whether it’s for real or a shooting scene for the reel.

In these videos, this ‘Khandaani Shafakhana‘ actress can be heard saying the words,

‘I have not done anything, you can’t arrest me.’

A tweet by a netizen read,

“I’m too curious to know is this is Sonakshi?? Do you know what happened ?? Hey guys Sonakshi Sinha is really behind bars? #AsliSonaArrested.” Another user on Twitter wrote, “This video is everywhere? Is it Sonakshi??? #AsliSonaArrested @sonakshisinha.” (sic)

Have a look at these videos below:

Whether this is a real news or just a rumor created to garner some public attention for any currently on silver screen project or the one in line for release, only the time will tell.

But one thing is for sure that Sonakshi’s parents and near and dear ones and industry counterparts have not commented on these videos, adds more probability to it being just a rumor.

On the other hand, Sonakshi recently dragged herself into a controversy when she used the word “bhangi” during a radio interview, that offended the Valmiki community. Later, she corrected her mistake by issuing an apology after the Valmiki community held protests against the actress and burnt her effigy in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad.

Sonakshi released an official statement that read,

“With reference to an interview I did with Siddharth Kanan on July 23, 2019, I place on record that I have tremendous regard and respect for the Valmiki Samaj and all their valuable contributions to our society and country. If any person or community has been hurt by the usage of any word by me, despite it being unintentional and un-derogatory to anyone, I humbly apologise for the same.”


Gaurav Gupta

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