Social Media Trolls Swara Bhaskar For Abusing A 4 Year Old Who Called Her Aunty

It is rightly said that when in public be extremely cautious about your actions, especially the words coming out of your mouth. And when you’re a celebrity your fame acts against you whenever you commit a mistake, whether it is intentional or unintentional. Swara Bhaskar’s celebrity status on social media acted against her and even led to filing of 2 FIR’s against her.

Swara Bhaskar Social Media
Swara Bhaskar Social Media

We all are very well aware of the age-old humor that females take the word ‘Aunty’ as a symbol of old age. So, when a 4-year-old called Swara Bhasker aunty, she couldn’t get a hold on herself and went on camera to abuse the kid, getting trolled & receiving complaints in return.

After this incident, the whole of Twitter was furious with Swara.

An NGO that goes by the name: Legal Rights Protection Forum, filed an FIR against Swara and tweeted,

“Filed Complaint with NCPCR against an Actress named Swara Bhaskar for her racist & discriminating comments against Children of Southern Part of India during a TV Show. Sought strict action against Actress & directions to Hotstar to remove content from all its Online accounts.”

This incident also became a subject for doing politics. A BJP leader named: Akash Joshi filed a complaint against the actress, with the NCPCR. Akash went further by putting forth a demand that action should not be taken only towards Swara Bhasker for abusing the 4-year-old, but also others who supported her in the video.

Have a look at some of the posts here:



Giving an insight into this video, Swara Bhasker recalls a soap commercial she was shooting for, where Swara encountered a 4-year-old kid. This kid as a token of respect called her aunty to be abused in return soon after. Swara was so out of control with the words coming out of her mouth, that she called this kid ‘kameena’, ‘menace’ and ‘evil’, leading to a huge uproar on social media.


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