“Sip Sip” Track From Arjun Patiala Is Sinful

Whether these are its trailer or its songs, Arjun Patiala has been in the news a lot for being quirky. The filmmakers have now released a new song titled: ‘Sip Sip’ that, along with elements of fun, will take you on a guilt trip. From alcohol to weed to hints of lust, the song gives you all of those sinful items.

Sunny Leone is making a special landing in the song ‘Sip Sip’ that features Diljit Dosanjh, Varun Sharma and Kriti Sanon in a different avatar.

"Sip Sip" Track From Arjun Patiala Is Sinful
“Sip Sip” Track

Moreover, the song will leave you surprised when you see Diljit Dosanjh, Kriti Sanon and Varun Sharma all in an invariably different character than you have ever seen them before.

Acknowledging the global reality, that this song promotes alcohol consumption, (that for sure is injurious to health, and as Amitabh Bachchan rightly said, bad for the liver).

Keeping all that aside, this track carries a peppy tune by Akash D which will make you shake a leg (strictly without consumption of alcohol). Akash and Guru Bhullar worked together to give a voice to this track.

To add on to those unhealthy desires, (warning: only for entertainment purpose), Sunny Leone has a part in the song and as usual she is looked upon in a lustful manner.

Women playing intense characters like Kangana in Queen, add more value and content to the silver screen. Instead of making them appear as an object of consumption and lust, that doesn’t go down well with the society in overall.

Just after that comes Diljit surrounded by girls. There is also a mention of weed in the song, after which the male cast: Diljit Dosanjh and Varun Sharma behave in a strange manner. (Definitely shown to be under its effect). The song has elements of comedy, action and drama all.

Have a look at the song for yourself:

Helmed by Rohit Jugraj, Arjun Patiala has a silver screen struggle ahead on its release date i.e. 26th July with Kangana and RajKumar’s: Judgemental Hai Kya.

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