Sidhant Chaturvedi’s Take On Ananya Panday’s ‘My Dad Never Went On Koffee With Karan’ Remark Wins The Hearts Of Social Media

Chunky Panday’s daughter: Ananya Panday remarks on nepotism gets a savage reply from Sidhant Chaturvedi.

Producer Karan Johar has always been at the receiving end for giving preference to star kids in his films. This never-ending debate has dragged star kids too with some even reclusing themselves from making a comment. There have been a lot of times they are asked about it & several of them end up saying that they also go through a struggle of acceptance. But we all know to be a controversial issue this debate will never see an end and also nepotism is a reality.

Sidhant Chaturvedi Ananya Panday Koffee With Karan
Sidhant Chaturvedi Ananya Panday Koffee With Karan

Coming back to Ananya and Sidhant. It was during Rajeev Masand‘s roundtable interview with newcomers when Ananya was asked to express her views on nepotism.

Ananya said,

“Everyone feels that it’s glamorous and I have gotten everything that I ever wanted. I am grateful that I am my dad’s daughter and I didn’t want it any other way. When people hate on me for nepotism, I am not going to shy away from the fact that I am Chunky Panday’s daughter. My dad has worked really hard and is still working hard every day.”

She added,

“I always wanted to be an actor and this has been my dream as well. Just because my dad’s an actor I am not going to say no to an opportunity to act. My dad has never been in a Dharma film, he never went on Koffee With Karan.”

Very soon after this interview came to an end, Twitterati was up in applauds for Siddhant for his savage reply to Ananya’s take on nepotism.

Have a look at some of the remarks below:


Sometime back when Anil Kapoor’s daughter: Sonam Kapoor who’s Bollywood debut was majorly a reason of her being a star kid, was asked to comment on nepotism, she replied that she has every right to avail benefits of what her parents have earned for her.

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