Shruti Hassan is Not Comfortable With Society’s Definition of Human Beauty

Shruti Hassan has opened up about her PCOS issues and experimenting with Lip Fillers. She’s also critical about the definition of beautiful when it comes to society.

Off late, Shruti Haasan has been getting candid about how she used to struggle with society’s perception of beauty. After her Instagram post that slammed the people who body shame and revealing that she has had plastic surgery, she opened up about suffering from Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in a recent media interaction. Shruti also confessed that there was a moment in her life when she was obsessed with lip fillers, and she also came out with the fact that many in the film industry use them but deny it in open.

Shruti Hassan Is Not Comfortable With Society’s Definition Of Human Beauty

During her F2F with Mumbai Mirror, Shruti came out with her reasons for opening up on the things she did to enhance her beauty.

“There are a lot of actors who will never admit they have stuff done to their faces, but I am not one of them. I don’t want young girls to think that I woke up looking like this. Being a child of famous people, I grew up in the public eye. Denying things like this seems silly to me.”

About her nose job, Shruti revealed that she used to have a normal nose but by the time she grew up, it had become crooked due to injuries. She also confessed that she never liked the way she looked and even breathing didn’t feel good.

Regarding her obsession with lip fillers Shruti shared,

“I didn’t like how thin my lips were. There was a time when I went crazy with lip fillers. It took me a couple of years of experimenting, but now I have come back a lot closer to my natural look.”

Shruti also revealed that in her past she struggled with PCOS and dysmenorrhea which made menstrual cycle very painful.

“We can’t talk about it, because of the stigma attached to it and lack of awareness. There are many women like me, grappling with mood swings, weight gain, excess hair, hair loss, pimples and a lot more, that come with the territory. Every month is a battle.”



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