Here’s What Shraddha Would Say If ‘Baahubali’ Prabhas Proposes To Her

Shraddha sat for a F2F with an entertainment portal while she was on a promotional tour of his upcoming flick: Saaho. Pics of her and co-star from the flick: Prabhas, show signs of a chemistry that refuses to die down.

She was subjected to a rapid fire round, where she had to answer some ‘hypothetical questions’. Her replies were both entertaining and surprising. When Shraddha was asked how would she react if Prabhas proposes marriage to her, the actress rather gave a ‘foodsome’ reply.

Everyone knows Shraddha is a foodie and Sea-food is her favorite. So, she will use this marriage proposal to ask Prabhas to bring unlimited ‘khana’. She also shared that because of Prabhas, she got to eat delicious food, during the shoot of Saaho.

When Shraddha was asked about doing a romantic film with King Khan. She answered that she would simply spread her arms (enacting SRK’s signature pose’ and would say ‘Bring it on’.

In another round, she was asked to Tag: Prabhas, Varun & Priyanka. This was her reply.

Shraddha Prabhas Baahubali
Shraddha Prabhas Baahubali

Prabhas – ‘Is’se genuine nahi milega’.

Varun Dhawan – ‘Ismei maja hai aur masti bhi.’

Priyanka Chopra – ‘Who runs the world? Priyanka Chopra’

Shraddha is all praises for her Saaho co-star: Prabhas. She revealed that he would be an ideal match for every girl both as a boyfriend and husband.

She also shared that, apart from being a very genuine person, one also gets to eat the best food in the world if he/she’s with Prabhas. She also revealed the secret that Prabhas has also gotten a very good sense of humour.

We at Filmybyte are loving the off-screen chemistry of Prabhas and Shraddha. If you share our belief, then do tell us in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Saaho is coming in your nearby screens on coming 30th August, it’s planned 15th August release was postponed due to some left over VFX work.



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