Shraddha Kapoor Got a Chance to Romance Salman Khan

Were you aware of this reality that Shraddha Kapoor was offered to debut opposite Salman Khan at a small age of 16?

Shraddha Kapoor Got A Chance To Romance Salman Khan At The Teen Age Of 16

Shraddha Kapoor shared a secret from her past with her fans during a public interaction.  And the words she said were totally unbelievable, that she was offered to play the female lead opposite Salman Khan when she was just 16.

Shraddha Kapoor Got A Chance To Romance Salman Khan At The Teen Age Of 16

We all know that Shraddha Kapoor made her film industry debut with Teen Patti ten years back in which she starred alongside Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, R Madhavan, and Raima Sen. But little did everyone expects that she was considered to romance Salman Khan on the silver screen. Yes, Shraddha was that lucky teen who was approached to play the female lead at the age of 16 in Lucky: No Time for Love that released in 2005. But in the end, the role went to Sneha Ullal.

Shraddha Kapoor Got A Chance To Romance Salman Khan At The Teen Age Of 16

Giving an insight into the happenings back then, Shraddha revealed,

“However, I felt that at the age of 15 or 16, I was too young and wanted to finish schooling and attend college. I don’t think getting offers back has defined my success. But it was difficult to turn it down and focus on studies because it was such a fantastic opportunity to work with Salman Khan.”

Shraddha was also asked whether she always dreamt of becoming an actor or were there any backup plans. To which Shraddha replied,

“No, I always wanted to become an actor.”

Sometime back whilst talking about getting success with recent films, Shraddha had said,

“The best part is that you get to play different characters as an actor. While some characters are inspirational, you might not be able to relate to the others. But you must tap into an aspect that allows the audience to connect with what they see on-screen. The more versatile a role, the more you discover yourself. And when you get constructive feedback, you start understanding how your process can also be different for each film.”Shraddha Kapoor Salman Khan

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