Shraddha Kapoor Is Embarrassed About Her Debut South Project: Saaho. This Video Is A Living Proof

After the tremendous success of Baahubali, Prabhas tried to create the same magic yet again with his last release Saaho. The movie had Shraddha Kapoor as his love interest. Everything went well in the beginning, as it earned major Box Office numbers, but the movie met a fate just like Aamir Khan’s: Thugs of Hindostan.

Just a few days into its release, it received rejection at the hands of a silver screen audience. Irrespective of the fact, that it had Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor as the lead couple. The Box Office numbers of the film too received a drop after bad reviews about the film. But luckily for Shraddha, she found relief with Chhichhore with Sushant Singh Rajput as her love interest, which released within a week of Prabhas’ Saaho failure.

Shraddha Kapoor Saaho
Shraddha Kapoor Saaho

But it seems that Shraddha Kapoor is having a tough time dealing with Saaho, which was supposed to mark her debut in the South Indian film industry. At the recently held India Today Mind Rocks 2019 event, Shraddha was constantly asked about Saaho, but it seemed that she was too embarrassed to talk about it and kept on diverting the topic. When the anchor asked Shraddha how was her experience working in Saaho, she stated ‘they want to dance with me’. The next time he probed her by asking ‘Tell me about Saaho’, she told her fans ‘love you too’.

Last but not least, when the anchor tried to ask Shraddha about Saaho the 3rd time, she diverted the topic to Chhichhore. The anchor didn’t give up and again asked ‘Say something about Saaho’, Shraddha questioned ‘Saaho?’ and further questioned, ‘Can I ask them one question? Did you all watch Chhichhore?’


Have a look at the video below and decide for yourself:

Apart from Shraddha Kapoor’s debut in the South Indian film industry, Saaho also marked Prabhas’ debut as the male lead in the Hindi film industry.


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