What Forced Shekhar Suman to Drop Out From ‘Justice For Sushant Forum’

Shekhar Suman talked in detail about his tweet on why he is opting out of ‘Justice For Sushant Forum’. Shekhar Suman had recently made a tweet that read,

“Dear all, thank you for making my voice strong all this while. Allow me to plz take a backseat now. since the family is completely silent on this, it’s making me very uncomfortable to go on. i guess it’s their prerogative and we all should respect that.”

Shekhar Suman Justice For Sushant Forum
Shekhar Suman Justice For Sushant Forum

Have a look at his tweet here:

In an exclusive F2F with DNA, TV veteran Shekhar Suman, who had started ‘Justice For Sushant Forum’, demanding CBI probe into Late Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise on June 14, 2020, clarified his current stance on the matter. Below are some excerpts from the interview

Shekhar Suman Justice For Sushant Forum
Shekhar Suman Justice For Sushant Forum

About Your Last Tweet, Did You Back Out Of ‘Justice For Sushant Forum’?

Suman replied,

I am still a part of the movement. I am just taking a rest because I want Sushant’s family to say something. I am not getting any support from their side which is both an uncomfortable and weird feeling. Who are you fighting for? It is like, they stand up and say we don’t want any interrogation and why are these guys going ahead and doing the inquiry when we haven’t asked for any such thing. All such questions have begun to establish a base in my mind. It has been a month since Sushant left us and till date they haven’t said anything – not even a single line. That made me feel a little uncomfortable.

All of us respect their (Sushant’s family) privacy and silence, but it would be nicer if they came forward and said something because it would make our case stronger. There came a time when I began to think that am I going too much out of my way to push this movement all by myself? Because there wasn’t even a single voice coming from the film industry.

I am not backing out of this movement, just taking some rest for a while. It is both a war and a movement, and I did it out of listening to my own heart. So whether people come or don’t, I really don’t care. It doesn’t matter, as long as both me and Sushant’s fans are there behind me supporting this good cause.


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