Shardul Pandit Openes Up on Struggle And Financial Crises

Shardul Pandit is a wild-card entry in Bigg Boss 14, who talked about his struggles and financial crises. For those of you who are not aware, Shardul Pandit was a VJ before he turned into an actor. Things were going good until the coronavirus pandemic which forced him to leave the city of dreams.

Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Shradul pandit shared his tragic story with a reputed news portal. He said that his weak financial conditions deteriorated his mental health during the COVID-19 period. He also talked about how he dealt with his mother’s chemotherapy along with his own mental struggles.

Shardul Pandit Financial Crises
Shardul Pandit Financial Crises

He said,  “I was a boy who was 110 kg, radio jockey in Indore when I participated in a talent show and won there. Then I went back to the radio and later acting happened. I had this confidence, to the point of being overconfident that I can do anything. That happens to people who achieve too much out of their weaknesses. I was wrong and I think life decided to teach me a lesson.”

He added by saying that he was overconfident that he did not plan about his future and let his ego decide his fate. He recalled that he had to prep for a web show, where he dad to shoot intimate scenes and for which he was supposed to take steroids to make his body look in shape and chiseled.

He said, “I went onto steroids and it went wrong and I was diagnosed with jaundice, doctors couldn’t diagnose it at the right time and then relapse happened. At the same time, I was going through a financial crunch and my mom was going through chemotherapy, everything that can go wrong, and then lockdown happened. The decision of leaving was not from a place of heartbreak but wisdom. I decided to cut down my expenses till the moment I start earning again, I started looking for jobs, I called people in production, radio, call centres as well. I spoke to apps who were paying me 10 K to make videos for a month. My mother went through a bad time too but God showed me that even though this darkness something nice can happen. Recently, two opportunities came my way, one is Bigg Boss and another is something I have signed up and can’t reveal right now”

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