Shahrukh Khan Pretended To Be A Hindu To Marry Gauri, Had Told THIS Lie On Honeymoon

Shahrukh Khan’s love Gauri Khan has turned 50 today i.e. on Thursday. In Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan are named among the most beloved couple. The two have been together for 29 years and this lovely couple is still loved by people. On the occasion of Gauri’s birthday, let us tell you their famous stories of both.

Gauri Khan’s full name was Gauri Chhibber before she married Shahrukh Khan. Gauri is a successful business woman today. She is the co-owner of Red Chillies Entertainment which produced their first film ‘Main Hoon Na’ in 2004. She  started her career as an interior designer in 2012.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have loved each other since school time and after several years of affair, both of them told their family about their love. However, due to Shah Rukh Khan being a Muslim, this relationship was not acceptable to the Gauri’s family.

Shahrukh & Gauri had to struggle a lot to get along with each other. Shahrukh pretended to be a Hindu for five years to impress Gauri’s parents. Shah Rukh Khan was initially very positive about Gauri. He did not like when she talked to others or when she kept her hair open. Fed up with this, Gauri managed to breakup with him but later Shah Rukh reached Mumbai to convince him. Seeing all this, Gauri’s heart melted and she married Shahrukh on 25th October 1991.

Shahrukh Khan

Even after marriage, Shahrukh lied to Gauri. During an award show, Shahrukh shared a secret related to his honeymoon. Shahrukh had told Gauri that they would go to Paris for a honeymoon but I he did not have the money to buy the air ticket. He was poor and his film Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman was to be shot in Darjeeling, so he thought it was a good opportunity. He took Gauri to Darjeeling saying they were going to Paris.

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