Will Shahrukh Khan Come Out of Sabbatical With Rajkumar Hirani’s Help? 

Shahrukh Khan Come Out With Rajkumar Hirani’s Help:

‘Raju apna sa lagta hai‘: These were the words that Shah Rukh Khan used dropping hints at a possible future collaboration with Rajkumar Hirani, which will make the latter the person who brought Shahrukh Khan out of sabbatical and back on box office.

During a recent #AskSRK session, Bollywood’s Badshah: Shah Rukh Khan was flooded with questions about his upcoming films.

Ever since his Zero had a box office nose dive, Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t announced any film, so his fans have been urging him to read scripts and sign films during the ongoing nationwide coronavirus lockdown. This Monday, the superstar conducted an #AskSRK session on his Twitter page and was flooded with numerous questions. As expected. Shah Rukh showed his wit and sarcasm leaving fans in splits. A lot of questions were asked about his upcoming film, and he had amazing replies to everyone.

One of the Twitter users queried,

“#AskSRK which director you would love to work with? Martin Scorsese or Chris Nolan?” To which Shah Rukh replied, “Wow both are awesome and I have met them…but Raju apna sa lagta hai…nahi?”

Did King Khan drop hints at collaborating with Rajkumar Hirani in the coming future? Well, his latest tweet has left everyone thinking about the same.

Have a look at it below:


Another fan tweeted,

“#AskSRK sir next movie m full mass action hona chahiye kya bolte ho”. SRK tweeted back to him saying, “Bhai social aur physical distancing mein…Mass ki baat mat bol please…will do everything don’t worry.”


Whilst another fan asked him, SRK quoted Tom Cruise’s dialogue. He was asked,

“Missing you Khan Saab Bollywood is incomplete without your announcement please ???”

Shah Rukh went on to say,

“Yeah I remember Tom Cruise saying the same… ‘you complete me..'”

On the other hand, apart from Hirani, there have been reports making the rounds that SRK might star in Raj & DK, Atlee’s upcoming projects. However, Raj & DK have confirmed the same.

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