Pakistani Actress’s Attempt To Take An Aim At Shahrukh & Alia Gets Her A Fitting Response

Bollywood citizens: Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt were slammed & shamed by a Pakistani actress: Mehwish Hayat on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. But she got a learning response on the same front.

She began her attacks with slamming Bollywood’s Badshah for his Bard Of Blood, which is produced by SRK’s production house, Red Chillies Entertainment. Bard Of Blood which has Emraan Hashmi in the male lead, is based on the happenings in the restive region of Balochistan province of Pakistan which is world-famous for its long-standing freedom struggle from Pakistan, that is being regularly suppressed by local authorities.

After that Mehwish went for Alia and slammed her for stealing Pakistani songs. Read Mehwish’s tweet below to understand the situation well:


Mehwish was irked with the similarities between Alia’s latest single: Prada and Gore rang ka zamana from Vital Signs’ album, that was noticed by a lot of netizens as Alia’s song came out.

After Mehwish was done with her job, she got a fitting response for her tweet. Some of them were:

Shahrukh Alia Pakistani Actress
Shahrukh Alia Pakistani Actress

Not That Guy @manidar:

“Vital signs actually reprise a punjabi folk song without giving credits to anyone. This song has been sung in both sides of punjab for over 50 years. vital signs made a lot of copy songs like yaar nai harde, mehndi ki raat, o sanama, us rah per (intro music) etc. Don’t rush.”

Ankit Sharma @bandiya_kumar:

“Hey @MehwishHayat have u heard of a indian song from 1973 koi sehri babu …i think its a rip off indian song not a Pakistani song. Just to be clear…”

This is another tweet of hers in which attacked she SRK:

Below are the tweet responses she got.


Tenny @cktenny:

“This is a true story from a spy fiction novel written by Bilal sidiqqi. There is nothing anti pakistan. and celebrities in Pakistan need to stop taking selfies with terrorist.”

N@Vd€€P @navdeep79534927:

“First of all It’s a Netflix tv series ma’am. Get your basics right. This Tv series is for the consumption of audience from all over the world just like Sacred Games.”

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