Shahid Would Be Happy, If People Dislike His Box-Office Blockbuster: Kabir Singh

Shahid Kapoor has proven his worth with Kabir Singh’s unprecedented success, a flick that turned out to be a 2019 blockbuster. A Hindi version of the Telugu hit film, Arjun Reddy, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. It left behind Arjun Reddy when it comes to the box-office collection.

But all this came with its fair share of controversies, an expected happening in this film industry. Kabir Singh has been subjected to a lot of criticism for promoting misogyny and toxic masculinity through its male protagonist’s violent take on love. And after a lot of silence, Shahid spoke, finally.

He said, the intention of the film is to make the audience feel uncomfortable with the protagonist.

These were his exact words while speaking to Pinkvilla,

“In real life, I could never be like Kabir Singh in any possible way. The challenge therefore was to find those grey strands in the personality, take a magnifying glass to enlarge them and bring them to life on screen. Those elements were also in the original Telugu film, Arjun Reddy, and that’s why I insisted that the same director be retained for the Hindi remake.”

This Udta Punjab actor further added,

“My drug addict character of Tommy Singh in Udta Punjab was also quite deplorable. I feel that people should walk out of the hall loving a performance, not the character. One needs to, therefore, make bold choices.”

“For a star who is otherwise liked and loved, it’s a big thing if people watch a character on screen and wonder what the hell he is doing. It’s a huge compliment for me if people disliked Kabir Singh. To be able to lead people into a willing suspension of belief is the biggest victory for a film.”

Kabir Singh Shahid
Kabir Singh Shahid

Kabir Singh that made silver screen debut last month, has Kiara Advani playing Shahid’s leading lady.


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