Here’s Why Shahid Kapoor And Mira Rajput Named Their Son Zain Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have been blessed with a second baby and this time it’s a boy. Both of them seemed very happy and excited after their second child which has been named Zain Kapoor. The name seems very interesting and it has been very well accepted by their fans. Still, the question is that why both of them decided to name their baby boy Zain Kapoor? Their baby boy was born on 5th September and after sometime only Shahid Kapoor declared the name of their baby boy. Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azam stated that she had suggested this name to Shahid and this is one of her favourite names.

Shahid Kapoor Mira Rajput Zain Kapoor Neelima Azam stated that it was baby’s parents who decided to call him Zain. She also revealed that this name already exists in the family as her nephew has the same name. Neelima told all this in an interview with Pinkvilla. She said,

“I think it is the name that has been running in everybody’s mind for a long time but obviously, it was his parents who decided to call him Zain. But this name has been there in the family. I have a nephew with the same name. It is a beautiful name.”

Shahid’s mom told that the name was decided long before at the time of Misha only. She said that they had already decided that it will be Misha if it’s a girl and it will be Zain if it is a boy. She told that she had shared the name at that point of time with Shahid and Mira. She said

“Mira and Shahid decided it mutually. At the time of Misha’s birth, Zain was decided. It was that it will be Misha if it is a girl (combination of Mira and Sasha) and if it is a boy, it will be Zain. Long back I had shared the name with Zain. I had told Shahid that I love 4 names- Shahid, Ishaan, Zain and Kaamraan.”

Neelima Azam also said that Shahid and Mira are complete now. She also expressed her love for their daughter Misha and said that she has been the love of her life and now Zain joins her. She said that this has been the best phase of her life. She said

“It’s wonderful. Shahid and Mira are complete. I am in the best phase of my life. Misha has been the love of my life ever since she was born. And now Zain joins her. He is a beautiful child. We all have toiled very hard in our lives and now just reaping happiness.”

Neelima Azam was also asked if the naming ceremony would be hosted or not. On this, she said that Shahid and Mira are not too much into rituals. She told that they both celebrate and have fun but they are not majorly into traditions. She said that they are not too much into rituals but they come up with really good ideas. She said that both of them are very good at embracing ideas and that’s something really good.

She said,

“I don’t think they are too much into ritual. Both Shahid and Mira love celebrations, get togethers and party and have fun and all but I don’t think they are majorly into traditions. They are traditional in some ways but they are not too much into rituals but I guess, you never know. They always come up with beautiful ideas, Mira is very good with that and Shahid is very   happy to embrace it and give suggestions.”

Shahid’s dad, Pankaj Kapoor was also very happy after a new member came in their family and said,

“It’s the most delightful thing that can happen to any family. Shahid’s family is now complete. God bless all of them. We are thrilled about the new arrival.”

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