Shahid Kapoor Opens Up About How Long His Fights With Wife Mira Rajput Last & How it Impacts Him

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput tied the knot in an arranged marriage around 4 years ago on July 7th, 2015. The couple is the proud parents to two children – Misha Kapoor and Zain Kapoor. In these four years that the couple has been together, they have spoken at length about each other, their marriage and being a parent to two kids. Now while on a visit to BFFs with Vogue, Shahid spoke about the fights the couple have. Shahid also revealed the duration of his long fights with soul mate Mira Rajput and how it impacts him. He shared,

Shahid Kapoor Reveals The Duration Of His Long Fights With Soul Mate Mira Rajput And How Its Impact Him

“I usually get flustered when my wife and I have a fight. It bothers me, and I take time to get over it. It’s once in a couple of months, but when we do fight, but ours lasts a long time, like 15 days. You know it [the tension] is there, and you finally talk it out.”

He further said,

“It’s good to fight. It’s important to hold your own. It’s important to disagree and deal with each other’s differences and resolve the problem. Problems are going to happen, and you have to get past that.”

Shahid Kapoor Reveals The Duration Of His Long Fights With Soul Mate Mira Rajput And How Its Impact Him

When the show host, Neha Dhupia, who herself is a wife and mother to an 8-month-old girl, asked Shahid about son Zain. Shahid shared,

“He is way better looking than me. He has got (features from) both of us. Because he is a boy and he was born with a lot of hair, everybody thinks he looks similar to me, but actually, I think his features are a lot more like Mira’s. He has got sharper features which are nice for a boy and I think both of them are like a little bit of a mixture of both of us. But he is just really good looking.”

When speaking about his daughter: Misha, Shahid shared,

“I don’t think it can be explained. Everybody who has a daughter will understand what I mean…and with Zain, it’s more like a buddy vibe like even though he is just eight months old but I still buddy him, and with Misha it’s like, it’s different.”


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