Shaheen Bhatt Slams Instagram After Getting Threats on The Platform

Alia Bhatt’s Big sister and  Mahesh Bhatt’s Daughter, Shaheen Bhatt, who is a budding author shared screenshots of rape threats that she has been receiving on her Instagram and an undeterred Shaheen has made a promise to these trolls that she will not protect their identity and deal with them in her own way, that will be for sure be a lesson for them.

Siblings Day For Shaheen And Alia Bhatt
Siblings Day For Shaheen And Alia Bhatt

Shaheen Bhatt, who is both a writer and Alia Bhatt‘s sister took to her Instagram story and penned notes regarding receiving rape threats that she has been receiving on her direct messages aka DM’s. Shaheen revealed that she will expose each and every one of them and will take the legal route too to make them pay for this bad deed of theirs. Shaheen shared a few screenshots of hate messages and rape threats she has been receiving on her Instagram and captioned it with the words,

“Does this surprise you? Why? It doesn’t surprise me.”

Shaheen didn’t stop at that and wrote further,

“We live in a country that seems to relish nothing more than rendering people powerless. A country that relishes “putting people in their place” or showing them their “aukad”. And who better to put in their place than a woman? A country where rather than being raised on empathy, most people are raised with explicit permission to hate. A country where a woman is either your mother, your sister, your wife or a w***e. A country where not just men, but women feel like the worst thing you can call another woman is a slut.”

Shaheen added,

“Because what better way to render a woman powerless than to make her ashamed of being a woman. Ashamed of being herself. Because if she weren’t a woman would she still be debased, humiliated and threatened with violence and violation every day? Would she so casually be robbed of her security and sense of agency? You see. It’s a genius. You abuse her. Yet, you try to convince her the problem is her. Not you.”

Shaheen concluded her words by writing, “You are not invisible. Harassment is a crime.”


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