Did Shah Rukh Khan Launch Katrina Kaif Into The Industry?

Shah Rukh Khan is a massive name now. People from all over the world know what a great actor he is! Even back then, Shah Rukh Khan had always been super serious towards his work i.e. acting. He managed to find success quite early in his career and people from the country started associating him with love, romance, and happiness. If you ask any struggling actor of today, he’d say how eagerly he is waiting to act alongside SRK in at least one film.

Shah Rukh Godfather

Having said that, we all are very well aware of the fact how Katrina Kaif was being launched into the industry. But recently, in an interview, famous celebrity photographer told us a different yet captivating tale of how Kat found her way into the industry. Atul Shed light on how Katrina appeared in one of the photographs that had SRK in the focus, which pretty changed everything for her from that day onwards.

Shah Rukh Khan Launch Katrina Kaif
Shah Rukh Khan Launch Katrina Kaif

In an interview, he said, “At that time she (Katrina) was a bit chubby because she was very young. She was not in swim suit shape and we struggled quite a bit to get her pictures. While she was fit, she was 18 or 19 I think, her body had still not lost all its puppy fat. But there was no question that this was a really beautiful girl. We managed to get a couple of pictures that worked really nicely,”

Shah Rukh Khan Launch Katrina Kaif
Shah Rukh Khan Launch Katrina Kaif

Adding to that, Atul said that at the launch party of Katrina’s first Kingfisher Calendar, it was SRK who launched the famous calendar and all of his handsome photos were taken against Katrina Kaif which was a total coincident. And after the calendar was launched, many people started noticing Katrina and her mesmerizing beauty riding the horse.

Currently, Katrina is busy shooting for a horror-comedy film ” Phone Bhoot” alongside Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter in Udaipur.

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