Shah Rukh Khan Reveals He Lied to Wife Gauri Khan About Their Honeymoon

One of the well known and loved Bollywood couples Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri got hitched in 1991. The male superstar was recently attending an award function, where he came out with some two-three-decade old truths about their initial days of marriage. He shared that he lied to the love of her life about the Honeymoon destination. He took her to Darjeeling with a promise of a Paris Honeymoon. When Vicky Kaushal, the award function’s show host showed Shahrukh Khan a picture from his honeymoon. SRK revealed,

“This is my favourite picture…When I got married, I was very poor while Gauri was middle-class, well-to-do. So like how usually everyone does, I had promised her that after we get married, ‘I’ll take you to Paris and show you the Eiffel Tower’. But obviously, it was all a lie because neither I had the money nor I had the air tickets but somehow I convinced her.”

Adding further, he said,

“Finally, we were heading to Darjeeling to shoot a song for Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. And I felt that considering even Gauri hasn’t traveled abroad, she wouldn’t know much, so main usko Paris bolke Darjeeling le gaya. Yeh humara honeymoon hai….20-30 days after our wedding.”

Shah Rukh Khan Gauri Khan

On a related note, in an earlier interview to a daily, SRK had said,

”The struggle was just in the first few years of marriage. Gauri was new to the film industry, so was I. It’s not that I married an outside girl into the film industry. Two years for us in Mumbai was like honeymoon full of bumps. I remember the first night when we actually came to Mumbai after about five-seven days. She spent that evening fully dressed; she wore chooda and Indian dress, and came to Film City and was there till 6 where Hema Ji was directing my film.”

He further added,

“One of the actors got late as it happens in the shoot and we wrapped by 8 instead of 6. There were no mobile phones, so I sent her a cab as I didn’t own a car and said, ‘Please come over and sit here because I am really sorry, this has taken a little bit. We take stardom as we take each other’s success and failures with all love and care. It is all acceptable now.”


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