Shah Rukh Khan Reveals The Shocking Incident When Gauri Khan Was Giving Birth to Their Son

Shah Rukh Khan is the romance king of Bollywood with women falling in love with him every day even to this day. He has been in the industry for over 25 years now and his fandom has only expanded with time. The Badshah of Bollywood has romanced many women on screen but it was Kajol and his pairing which was celebrated most among all.

Shah Rukh may have romanced numerous women in front of the camera and may have the ability to make any woman feel weak in her knees but off-camera, he is a one-woman man. His wife, Gauri Khan herself now is a celebrated interior designer and it was her support that Shah Rukh believes has helped him achieve what all he has today. Shah Rukh and Gauri have been this head strong power couple who have been by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Shah Rukh Khan has time and again mentioned that he has dated only one woman in his life and he married her. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri now are proud parents of their three kids, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and paparazzi’s favourite, AbRam Khan. This family always makes their way to the headlines for one reason or another and this time we caught our hands on a throwback interview of Shah Rukh Khan where he shared how he thought he’d lose his wife Gauri Khan while giving birth to their first born, Aryan Khan. He was quoted as saying,

“I’ve lost my parents in hospitals – so I don’t like being in hospitals. And Gauri is quite fragile – and I’ve never seen her fall really sick, or seen her unwell. When I saw her in the hospital, they had put in tubes and stuff. And she was becoming delirious and she was really cold. I went with her to the operation theatre for her Caesarean… and (takes a deep breath) I thought she’d die.”

He further added,

“Didn’t even think about the kid at that point in time. It wasn’t important to me. She was shivering so much and I know logically that you don’t die while giving birth to babies… but still… (Lost in thought)… I just got a little scared.”

This clearly goes on to say how Gauri has always been more important to him.

Much like Shah Rukh ka sar sirf 3 auraton ke aage jhukta hai, apni maa ke saamne, ek Durga maa ke saamne aur… Gauri ke saamne!!

Moving on, Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie, Zero is also bankrolled by Gauri Khan under their home production house, Red Chillies Entertainment. The movie is slated to hit the theatres tomorrow ie. on 21st December, 2018 and so the promotions of the movie are in full swing. During the promotions, he was asked if Zero fails to ring in money, how it would affect him. He said,

“See, I can’t change that, and if I can’t change something, why should I think about it? If people feel that Zero is very important for me, it’s their feeling. God forbid, if this film doesn’t work, what will happen? Maybe, I won’t get work for six months or 10 months. But if I believe that my craft and art is good, I will continue to get work.”

That says enough about the kind of an artist and a husband he is and we hope the movie does extremely well.


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