Shah Rukh Khan’s Son AbRam Khan Screams ‘No Pictures’ at The Paparazzi

Bollywood stars over time get used to the attention they get, by the fans, by the media and the paparazzi. In fact, they enjoy it and relish it. But what affects them is when their families are troubled by the attention they do not want. Since a couple of years, we have been notified of each and everything the star kids do, where they go and everything. Two of the youngest in the list are AbRam Khan, Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan’s son, and Taimur Khan, Kareena and Saif’s son. While the two have been a hit in the media and often smile for the paps, this time SRK’s little one made it clear to the media that he does not want to get clicked.

On Saturday, several star kids attended Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s daughter, Aaradhya’s birthday bash. Photos from Aaradhya’s birthday celebration have been breaking the internet, AbRam and Amitabh Bachchan‘s photos where the two are seen bonding. In one of those, the kid is seen smitten by the Sr. Bachchan as we all are and is shaking his hand. Have a look at the photo:

Big B shared the picture and captioned it:

 “.. and this be little Abram, ShahRukh’s little one .. who thinks , believes and is convinced beyond any doubt, that I am his Fathers FATHER .. and wonders why Shahrukh’s father does not stay with him !!!”

AbRam Khan Shah Rukh Khan

After getting the media what they want and making the fans happy, he did not want any more photos to be clicked which is totally fine. When he was leaving the party, that’s when the incident happened. AbRam Khan was being escorted by his bodyguard in the car. He was holding him, Abram’s face on his shoulder to make sure he doesn’t face the flashing lights and while he was making him sit in the car, the kid yelled ‘NO PICTURES’ at the photographers.

Here’s the video, have a look:


Now you would think that the little child made clear that he was not comfortable getting the unnecessary attention and did not want his pictures to be taken, the paparazzi would have at least listened to him and stopped. But nothing of the sort happened. They went on to record him and click his pictures. Here, see the video:


Shah Rukh Khan is the reigning Baadshah of Bollywood and the fans want his scoops and bytes every now and then and that is fine for it is a part of his job but not his and other stars’ families need to be made uncomfortable (if they feel so with the shutterbugs’ attention).

A few days ago, SRK reprimanded the media for troubling his daughter, Suhana Khan with their peeking cameras. Apparently, she was at an event sans her father and that’s when the shutterbugs crowded her and went on a clicking spree making an entire experience an unpleasant one. She was seen walking towards the lift displeased and supposedly also made a call to her father informing him about the incident who then called the media and told them to back off.


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