Shah Rukh Khan Confirms Aamir Khan Will Play ‘Krishna’ in Mahabharata

The perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan came up with a Diwali release this year, a fat budgeted Pirates of Caribbean rip off, Thugs of Hindostan which tanked badly for the star. But that hasn’t left him hopeless for he is all geared up for his upcoming mammoth project, Mahabharata. Aamir Khan’s dream project of bringing Mahabharata to the big screen rumours have been doing the rounds since a couple of months now, with it being made into a seven-part series. But nothing had been confirmed officially and this is the first piece of news regarding Mahabharata that no one else, but Shah Rukh Khan himself has confirmed.

Last year, Aamir Khan had expressed his desire to adapt the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata and also that he wished to play ‘Lord Krishna’ in the movie. After a lot of speculations, the idea had been pushed back but now the news have resurfaced because now Shah Rukh Khan has claimed that Aamir Khan really wants it to happen and is indeed making efforts to bring it on 70mm screen.

Aamir Khan Shah Rukh Khan Krishna Mahabharata

Shah Rukh Khan had been busy in the promotions of his recently released romantic drama film, Zero and during an interview with DNA, he was asked what role would he like to play in the mythological drama. To which he replied,

”Krishna from Mahabharata” and immediately went on to add, “Krishna from Mahabharata has already been taken by Aamir so I will not be able to do that.”

Aamir Khan Shah Rukh Khan Krishna Mahabharata

Though both the stars wanted to play Lord Krishna, Aamir called it first. But honestly, this is probably the right choice for Aamir suits the role better. It is being reported that this series is expected to be made in a whopping 1000 crore budget, not compromising on quality at all. And the project can be backed by Mukesh Ambani financially.

Aamir Khan Shah Rukh Khan Krishna Mahabharata

The three Khans of Bollywood have been the reigning Khans for really long now and the reason they’re going strong even among the young bunch is the fact they are experimenting with their choice of roles. In recent years, all the Khans have experienced box office duds with Tubelight, Thugs of Hindostan and Jab Harry Met Sejal but they still are ready to strike back again.

Aamir Khan was supposed to be a part of ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’, a biopic on India’s astronaut, Rakesh Sharma but he backed out and extended the offer to Shah Rukh Khan. The writer of the movie, Anjum Rajabali confirmed Aamir’s exit and said,

“Frankly, I was very keen that Aamir should do the film. He liked the script, we discussed it a lot and we had a lot of hopes about it. Unfortunately, Aamir is consumed with a larger sort of project called Mahabharat.”

Aamir Khan Shah Rukh Khan Krishna Mahabharata

So, now, Aamir Khan will be seen next in ‘Mahabharata’, Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’ and Salman Khan in ‘Bharat’, all three of which are somehow related to the pride of the nation. Mahabharata will be a big Bollywood ensemble and we hope we get to see amazing stars on-screen together.

You can watch the full interview here.


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