‘Satyameva Jayate’ Movie Review: Complex Plot of the Film Hampers its Chances

Recently, John Abraham’s film ‘Satyameva Jayate’ has been released on the big screen which features the debutante Aisha Sharma alongside the superstar John Abraham. The film also features Manoj Bajpayee in the major role who has always been a treat to watch in such kinds of movies. The film is directed by Milap Zaveri and as the name of the film is ‘Satyameva Jayate’ so he decided to release it on the Independence day.

Aisha Sharma Satyameva Jayate

Bollywood fans were very excited to see the action star John Abraham back on the big screens with this movie and so almost all the shows of this movie were housefull on the first day. However this time John Abraham disappoints his fans as the film did not go upto the expectations of the Bollywood fans. It just involves capturing all the corrupt cops and burning them one after the another and the plot was not very well organised. The objective of the film was still clear but the it was presented was somehow not tolerable.

The film involves burning of humans and shows all kerosine, matchsticks, woods being used to do that. The direction of the film was also disappointing and Milap Zaveri fails to cfreate an impact on the Bollywood fans this time. However one good thing in the movie was that the songs and the background music would bring back your enthusiasm in between but the shitty and unorganised plot of the film won’t let you stay with enthusiasm for a long time.

Talking about the film, the film is based on the ugly truth of the police in India and highlights all the corrupt practices they do. John Abraham as a child watches his father being tortured for being a honest police officer. When he grows up he he sets on to kill the corrupt police offiicers in a secret identity. Not all the police officers in Mumbai have the cleanest vardis and so the burning of four such police officers completely shakes the entire police force. Merciless killings of police officers all around the city raises many questions to the identity of this murderer. Media is also looking for answers and so the Commissioner also appoints his best to track this secret killer.

The film therefore involves elements of crime, drama, action, thrill and patriotism. The beefed up body of John Abraham is something which has been immensely appreciated by the Bollywood fans and also this superstar does action scenes very well. John Abraham has done such films before and this can be said as an extension of his such previous films. Manoj Bajpayee also looks good on the screens and these kinds of roles completely suits this successful actor. The major problem which came in the film was of the plot and it keeps on showing just one similar thing time to time which is very irritating and so the talents were also being wasted to some extent.

Talking more about this film of John Abraham, it also had many poor dialogues which will disappoint you at times. “Pata lagao uski koi rakhail hai ki nahi” is a dialogue dellivered by Manoj Bajpayee which is surely of a poor taste. Although the presence of this actor can make a very big difference in any film and he surely provides some boost to this film by his presence. The film has its objective at the right place but the complex plot of the film hampers its chances.

Satyameva Jayate Movie Review

Talking about the ratings of the film, the film has been rated 2/5 by News18, 1.5/5 by Indian Express, 2.5/5 by Times Of India, 0.5/5 by Hindustan Times and 1/5 by NDTV. This time John Abraham’s film completely disappoints his fans on independence day and if there would have been a little more clarity in the plot of the film, it could have been much better than what it is now.

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