Sara Ali Khan Is Not Open To Criticism of Her Acting Skills

‘That was not a ham shot’: Sara Ali Khan shared how ‘Love Aaj Kal’ memes inspired by her were hurtful.

Since the day one Love Aaj KalTrailer came out audiences have been divided about it. But the one thing that everyone couldn’t stop talking about was Sara’s overacting.

In a recent interaction with film journalist Anupama Chopra, Sara talked about the harsh review and said that it hurt her. Sara was of the view that when it comes to criticism of her fashion choices it is always welcome, but you cross the line when you criticize her acting skills as these are the source of her bread and butter.

“I don’t mind being trolled for being fat. I don’t mind if you troll me for wearing a cap. But I am here to act. That is my job. That is my profession. That is serious. So, when I am trolled for that, suddenly, with all the confidence still intact, it is harder for me to sit there and say ignore the trolls. For the first time, it actually kind of hurts. It hit me.”

Sara Ali Khan Acting Skills
Sara Ali Khan Acting Skills

While talking about the filming of the scene, Sara added,

“We were not allowed to see the monitor. So, I had no idea what it was looking like. I’ve spoken to Imtiaz sir about this and what’s also happened is the fact that I don’t look good in that. When it comes to trolling for overacting, I’ll be honest with you…not only was I acutely aware of what my character had to feel but Imtiaz sir made me feel exactly what Zoe had to feel at that point of time.”

“That was not a ham shot on our part. I was really crying. I felt like how Zoe would have been feeling at that moment in time. I did what came to me organically at that point in time.”

When Sara was asked that what brought the criticism along, she said that the expectation from an actress to always look good might be a reason why her scene was trolled,

“It is not a pretty shot. It is the archetype of the heroine ki rote waqt, marte waqt, khate waqt…kuch bhi karo aapko acha lagna chahiye (You should always look good, even when you are dying, crying or eating).”



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