Baba Bolta Hai! Sanju Creates History, Earns Over ₹120cr In Just 3 Days

Sanju, the biopic of Sanjay Dutt seems to be unstoppable as it breaks the box office records recently by crossing more than 100 crores just within the weekend. The film has shown an unbelievable response and the Bollywood fans are just going crazy over this film. Rajkumar Hirani’s film shatters all the previous records which also includes the blockbuster film Baahubali 2.

According to the reports, Baahubali 2 had collected 46.5 crores at the Day 3, and now Sanju has just created the history by crossing this amount. Sanju collected 46.71 on its Day 3. It has been one of the highest grossing Bollywood openers and still, it’s totally on fire.

Rajkumar Hirani has been one of the best directors of the Bollywood industry. With his previous films like 3 Idiots and PK, he had already proved that what kind of a director he is. Now again he has shown what he can actually do with his fabulous piece of work.

The acting of Ranbir Kapoor in the film is just unbelievable and definitely, the film would leave you speechless. Ranbir looks a carbon copy of Sanjay Dutt and definitely, he proves again that what kind of a talent he has. Nepotism is not always a disadvantage or a curse to the film industry, it can also give you actors like Ranbir Kapoor.

There have been celebrities who are astonished by the weekend collection of the super duper hit film Sanju. Taran Adarsh, who is a famous Indian film critic recently tweeted:

“Sanju creates H-I-S-T-O-R-Y… Records HIGHEST SINGLE  DAY for a HINDI film… DEMOLISHES the record held by #Baahubali2 [Hindi]… #Baahubali2 had collected Rs. 46.50 cr on Day 3 [Sun]… #Sanju has surpassed it, collects Rs. 46.71 cr on Day 3 [Sun]. India biz. Boxoffice on fire.”

With this film, Ranbir Kapoor again proves how good actor he is. He has just nailed it this time with Sanju. His previous films have never been this much successful like this one. He has done some of the amazing films before like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Rockstar, etc. but the amount of praise he has gathered in this Rajkumar Hirani’s film in the shoes of Sanjay Dutt is just immense. He is at the top of his career with this film and the unbelievable box office collections totally prove the fact. The weekend collection is just totally unbelievable and Rajkumar Hirani has again created a history in the Indian film industry.

The film is based on the life of the famous film actor Sanjay Dutt. The film highlights all the major problems and struggles of Sanjay Dutt which includes the death of his mother at his early age, then his problem of being a drug addict and then how he was arrested under the arms act for keeping the gun AK-56.

The film shows how he had struggled with all these problems throughout his life and also reveals many of the facts of his life. The people are just loving this piece of work and the biopic of Sanjay Dutt has been a real success for the whole Sanju Team.

So the record-breaking box office collections of the film this weekend have just given you a hint of what sort of a movie this is. The film has created a history in the Bollywood cinema and the fans are just going crazy after this amazing film. Sanjay Dutt’s life is depicted in the most amazing and real way on the screens and it would definitely be difficult for the fans to realize that it’s Ranbir Kapoor on the screens, not Sanjay Dutt. Definitely, it had to be a blockbuster and the movie is still on fire breaking all the records on its way.

It’s not even one week to the movie and only in 3 days, it has crossed the 100 crore mark. The movie has collected over 120 crores in just 3 days.

According to the estimates for today, the movie has earned over Rs. 22+ cr. Film critic and trade analyst Sumit Kadel tweeted:

“Sanju Monday begins with TERRIFIC 35% occupancy in morning shows which is just 15% down compared to Friday. Tickets rates are low today compared to Weekend, we can expect ₹ 22 cr+ Monday.”

The movie is eyeing for Rs. 200 cr club now. It’s definitely a must-watch film and you just can’t miss on to this blockbuster which is totally on fire.

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