Sanjana Sanghi Shared Her Conversation With Sushant About Death

Sanjana Sanghi who will be playing Late Sushant Singh Rajput’s leading lady in her debut film ‘Dil Bechara’ shared Sushant’s perspective on death. Sanjana also said that though not physically present in the world anymore, Sushant will always be alive in her memories.

In a recent F2F with Zee News, Sanjana had a detailed discussion about her feelings regarding the release of Dil Bechara this Friday and how she is coping with Sushant’s unexpected demise.

“I don’t think I can call what I am doing ‘coping’. I am very young right now, just 23, and I have never lost a friend before and I have never launched my debut film before. So both of these things are happening at once. On one hand, I worked really hard and I have a film coming out but on the other hand, I am going through my biggest tragedy in life so far as well.”

Sanjana added that dealing with everything in a single moment has been a challenge for her but she is doing her best.

Sanjana also shared some excerpts from her conversation with Sushant when the latter talked about his perspective on death.

“We worked on this film for two years and it was the most shaping experience of my life. I was 21 when I played Kizie and now I am 23. Dil Bechara is an extremely important chapter of my life. When we were preparing for the film, death was one thing we had to discuss and talk at length about as our characters demanded it. I know his perspective about death. We spoke at length about it.”

Sanjana also talked about who she felt working with Sushant.

“I knew that in him I found a pillar, a strength, someone who is so respectful of my hard work, my talent but at the same time, so sure of his own talent. He gives you a lot of space, that is the best thing about him. His humility in his craft, his humility in his absolute brilliance is one thing I will always keep close to my heart.”


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