Salman’s ‘Tere Bina’ Gives a Debut Opportunity to Waluscha De Sousa’s Daughter

Salman’s ‘Tere Bina‘: Salman Khan’s latest audio single: Tere Bina became a launch platform for Bollywood veteran: Waluscha De Sousa’s daughter: Sienna.

Salman is one of those celebs who can’t take rest from work for a long while, even if it is forced upon him by the time. Just a few days back, he released a new track from his Panvel farmhouse titled ‘Tere Bina’ and left the netizens grooving over the song. But, there was something that caught everyone’s attention: that small girl, who played the role of Salman Khan’s daughter in the song.

Everyone on social media had questions about who that girl is? Well, the secret is no longer a secret, as she’s Sienna, daughter of actress Waluscha De Sousa.

For the unaware, Waluscha has 3 kids from her marriage with Marc Robinson, whom she divorced in 2013. The girl who featured on this track with Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez is Sienna.

Talking more about Tere Bina it has garnered 13 million views on YouTube so far.

Sharing some details about the song, Salman said in a statement,

“About seven weeks ago, when we came to the farm, we didn’t know we would be here under a lockdown. So we wanted to do things to keep ourselves busy. That’s when we decided to do these songs. We launched ‘Pyaar Karona’ and now, we are launching ‘Tere Bina’.”

Talking about the team behind the song’s creation. The song was sung and directed by Salman, is composed by his friend Ajay Bhatia and written by Shabbir Ahmed.

Jacqueline who gave Salman company in the song in the capacity of female lead also spoke about shooting the song in just four days without a big team. These were her words,

“We are used to shooting songs on a large stage with grand production costs. There are costumes, hair, and make up. All of a sudden, we find ourselves with a team of three people. For the first time, I was checking lighting and moving props around. It was a great experience and it taught us how to make the most of what we have.”


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