Salman & Salim Khan Are On Different Pages Regarding Lockdown Norms 

Salman & Salim Khan:

We all are well aware of the fact that Salman Khan issues angry warnings (at regular intervals) to fans for flouting lockdown. Meanwhile, when it comes to his father: Salim Khan, he admits to taking walks in public, during these coronavirus lockdown days.

Maharashtra is the worst-hit Indian state when it comes to coronavirus pandemic. And both father-son duo lives there.

Salman Khan’s father cum renowned writer Salim Khan, in a recent interview, confessed that he takes brief walks for his health even during the countrywide lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic. He justified his actions saying that he has a permit to go out in public and that he sees several people out and about, but no one reports them.

Speaking about the same in an interview, Salim Khan said,

“I have been advised by the doctors to continue my walks as I have lower back issues. I have been walking for the last 40 years and the doctor has told me if I stop suddenly, it might affect my back more.”

Salman’s father further added,

“Moreover, I have the pass issued by the government till April 30, and I am following all the norms possible. It is only on medical grounds, that I am allowed to take a walk outside. I am a law-abiding citizen but people tend to pick on us, given that we are celebrities. I am not the only one who walks around. There are so many people I see, who are strolling with their pets. But no one reports them! Anyway, I am ensuring I take all safety measures and also, I hope everyone else does too.”

For the unaware, Salman and a few members of the Khan family are self-isolating at his Panvel farmhouse. From there, Salman has released several public service messages and in some of the videos, he also appeared to be visibly angry at those who are flouting lockdown rules.

Salman said,

“Doctors aur nurses aapki jaan bachaane ke liye aaye aur aapne unpe patthar barsa diye (You started pelting stone at doctors and nurses who wanted to save your lives?)”

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