Salman Khan Says Tubelight Sent His Fans Into Depression

Salman Khan in a humorous confession said that he sent his fans into depression with the Tubelight failure on the eve of Eid, and compared to Shahrukh Khan, he is a mediocre actor. In an interview that he gave recently, Salman discussed his movie Tubelight that fell flat on box-office.

Salman is well known for being clear and honest with his words when speaking in public. It is his this honesty that wins people’s hearts. Currently wrapping up Dabangg 3 shooting, he was asked about being compared with Shahrukh & Aamir, the other two Khans of Bollywood. In answer to the question, he said that he was a mediocre actor who just got lucky in the Industry. He also confessed that he sent his fans into depression with Tubelight.

Salman Khan Tubelight

Salman does not consider himself a bigger star than Shahrukh and Aamir. He thanks God for his choice of films doing good business at the box-office. He admits the reality that there are times when the best choices fail to do the job. And then good times come back again after some failures. It is a part of life. He is all in praise for both Shahrukh and Aamir as they come back on the track soon after some failures.

When asked about youngsters in the industry, he says that young talents like Varun, Tiger & Ranveer are indeed a good competition. When asked about Tubelight’s failure, he said that his expectations were different from the outcome. As he thought it will be a  beautiful film, after our much-appreciated superhit, Bajrangi Bhaijaan that came back in 2015. But no matter how much planning he did, the film failed to bring smiles on his fans’ faces. He was a little bit apologetic for spoiling their Eid with undesired entertainment.

He discloses that his failures even does good business with the passage of time. Even selling the digital and satellite rights of a movie fetches a handsome amount. Despite falling flat at the box-office, it made over 110 crore INR in the domestic market alone, all thanks to his crazy fandom!


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