2 Men Who Threatened Salman Khan Via Social Media, Arrested On Charges Of Thievery & Drug Smuggling

Just last month i.e. on September 16, two men who threatened Salman Khan in a social media post were arrested by the local police on October 3rd, 2019. They will be tried for vehicle theft and drug smuggling. They created all this nuisance with an intention to gain publicity. Below are more details…

Salman Khan Social Media
Salman Khan Social Media

As per SHO: Praveen Kumar of Chapasani, Jodhpur i.e., these two have been identified as Jacky Bishnoi, alias Laurence Babal, and Jagadish.

The online post that threatened Salman Khan was posted by Jacky, who replaced his name with ‘Laurence’, so as to make it seem like he is associated with the Laurence gang of Jodhpur.

As per more details shared by Kumar, these two stole cars to carry out their drug smuggling operation. They were caught red-handed when they were driving a luxury car and the police got suspicious and stopped them for questioning. And during interrogation, they gave in and confessed to their crime.

The cars stolen by them have been retrieved and a case of drug smuggling and vehicle theft has been registered against Jacky and Jagadish.

Talking about the implications of such threats on Salman Khan’s daily routine. A few days back after this threat surfaced on social media, Salman skipped his court hearing in blackbuck killing case citing security concerns.

Salman Khan was in the news in the recent past, when one of his former bodyguards was caught by the Moradabad police and taken to a hospital for going out of control and creating ruckus on the road.

During Bharat premiere, Salman Khan’s bodyguard manhandled a child in the crowd in such a way that he could have been trampled by the crowd. But Salman took control of the situation by slapping the bodyguard for his wrongdoing and helping the child. The bodyguard was suspended for his irresponsible behavior.


Talking about work, Salman’s Dabangg 3 is lined up for release in the Christmas Weekend this year.



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