Salman Khan to Bring Navjot Singh Sidhu Back on The Kapil Sharma Show?

Salman Khan: 

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 started after a break of almost a year and it soon caught on to the TRP charts. People were loving the new Kapil Sharma and a few changes in the format was in fact, seem to be working great for the man and his team. But as things have been for the show, every now and then, it seems to land itself in soups and controversies. And though this time, the controversy was not centred around Kapil himself, it very well surrounded the Punjab Cabinet Minister, Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Salman Khan Navjot Singh Sidhu The Kapil Sharma Show

Sidhu has been associated with comedy on TV since a very long time and has been appearing on all the Kapil Sharma shows as a guest. It all started when after the deadly Pulwama terrorist attack, his statement provoked several Indians which led twitteratis to start #BoycottKapilSharmaShow and #BoycottNavjotSinghSidhu campaigns on Twitter. Though his shayari style poetry and laughter riot worked in favor of the show, the growing tension in the nation led the producers to oust him, for the time being, and as a replacement, they got Archana Puran Singh, who herself is a popular name in the TV comedy circuit.

Salman Khan Navjot Singh Sidhu The Kapil Sharma Show

But according to latest reports, it is being said that Sidhu might make a comeback on the show soon. Dainik Bhaskar reports that the agreement between Sony TV and Navjot Singh Sidhu was never canceled, in turn, it was just a temporary action taken by the producer, Salman Khan to avoid any further controversies and negative publicity from the show. But the makers are waiting for the dust to settle down and are planning to call him back once that happens.

Salman Khan Navjot Singh Sidhu The Kapil Sharma Show

A source had revealed to Dainik Bhaskar,

“When this entire controversy happened; the channel was still not sure on what decision to make. It was the producer of the show, Salman Khan’s immediate decision to ask Sidhu to step down from the show. Obviously, as a producer, Salman did not want to take a chance especially when so much money has been involved in its production. The show is doing well in terms of TRP and Salman doesn’t want to lose it just for the sake of one person. And so, he decided to take a call immediately,”

Salman Khan Navjot Singh Sidhu The Kapil Sharma Show

But this isn’t the only repercussion Singh faced for his comments. He was also banned by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees from entering the Film City’s premises in Mumbai.

Salman Khan Navjot Singh Sidhu The Kapil Sharma Show

As for Archana Puran Singh who was known to have replaced the man on the seat, well, as per new updates, it has been revealed that she was only signed for a 20 episode deal which goes on to show that the producers had no plans of sacking Sidhu permanently.

Salman Khan Navjot Singh Sidhu The Kapil Sharma Show

Apparently, Salman has advised the channel and Kapil Sharma to not comment on the matter for anything they say can blow up the entire situation, which clearly they are not seeking. For a couple of more weeks, we will see Archana Puran Singh laughing on the hot seat.

Do you think he should be expelled from the show or do you want him back? Tell us in the comments.


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