Salman Khan is Hurt by ‘Jokers’ Pelting Stones on Doctors And Police

An angered Salman Khan posted a clear and strongly worded message for jokers who pelted stones on doctors and police personnel. Salman even went on to talk about how these ‘jokers’ had been disobeying rules and causing trouble to fellow Indians.

After Salman Khan came across the news reports where some ignorant Indians pelted stones on doctors and policemen. He posted his views on the same on social media and indeed gave a very clear and powerful message to the same ‘jokers’ who did that, explaining the gravity of the coronavirus outbreak and why the lockdown and respecting doctors and policemen was crucial at this moment of time.

“This is surprising! Doctors and nurses are trying to save your lives, and you pelted stones on them!?,” he started, continuing, “Those getting detected positive in coronavirus, are running away from the hospital. Amazing! Where will you run to, though? Which direction are you running to? Are you running towards life or death?”

Salman also mentioned,

“If these doctors did not try to cure you or the police did not patrol the roads for you, then because of a few people, who feel that they won’t be affected, would kill many Indians.”

Salman also talked about the situation of the poor.

“I understand the situation of those who cannot afford to eat and feed children. I salute them, because they understand that rather than feeding the family right now, it is important for this crucial time to pass. There is great work and it appears that India is actually united by heart. But because of a few jokers, this virus is spreading like wildfire. Your actions have caused this reaction. If you didn’t act the way you did, then thousands of policemen, doctors and nurses wouldn’t be dealing with coronavirus. The death toll would be stable and we all would be back to doing our jobs.”

Salman concluded the video with words that read,

“Every time there are two routes. This time one would be that we all live, and the other is where we all die. You decide.”

Have a look at the video here:

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Gaurav Gupta

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