Salman Khan’s Former Bodyguard Arrested In Moradabad For Creating A Ruckus In Public

A muscular fellow named Anas Qureshi who worked as Salman Khan’s Bodyguard in the past went on a rampage in Moradabad harming people. Below is the sequence of events.

Anas Qureshi who was in Moradabad as a participant in Moradabad Bodybuilding Championship, created a ruckus on the road after he failed to bag the gold medal in the same championship. He was apparently under the influence of steroids. And police were called in to get him under control. They had to use ropes and fishing nets to get a hold on him. In all the ruckus that Anas created he damaged vehicles and thrashed people.

After an initial medical checkup, Anas was transferred to the Bareilly Mental Hospital. As of now, no official statement has come from Salman Khan’s side concerning this incident.

Salman Khan Former Bodyguard
Salman Khan Former Bodyguard

When it comes to Salman Khan’s bodyguards making it to the news for unexpected behavior, this is not the first time. Sometime back during the premiere of Bharat one of Salman Khan’s bodyguards made it to the headlines for pushing a kid. A video was viral on social media where Salman Khan gave a tight slap to his bodyguard who pushed the kid so hard that latter was at the risk of getting trampled.

A source told BollywoodLife,

“What happened was rather unfortunate. Salman Khan has given strict instructions to his team to be extra careful with kids and senior citizens. He makes sure no one behaves badly with them. There was a frenzy and some people got quite uncontrollable. When he saw what had happened he got upset. The guard was a part of his team but now he has been removed. His team has strict instructions on how to behave with kids and seniors. This upset him instantly.”

Talking about recent happenings in Salman Khan’s life. He skipped his 27th September court hearing in the 20-year-old Blackbuck poaching case citing security concerns after he received an online death threat.



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