Here’s What Salman Khan Has to Say About His “Infamous” Fight With Shah Rukh Khan

One cannot forget that infamous fight that took place between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh back in 2010 at a party. Rumors were that Aamir tried to put the best of his ability to work in order to resolve the issue, but still both the Khans were not ready to forgive each other. During an interview with Mid-Day, when Salman was asked about the same, he said,

“I did not like what he said once. He respects my family, I respect his. We just don’t see eye to eye.”

Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan

Salman said that the issue was blown out of proportion but he was not the one at fault. His words in exact were,

”Weird things happened one night. It could have been sorted out then and there. Next morning, I came home. But I found that it was blown out of proportion, obviously not from my side. I don’t want to talk about it, but as one grows, one becomes magnanimous, more secure… chalo, god has given so much. But not in his case.”

Salman credits the absence i.e. no one being there to guide Shahrukh behind all this. These were his words,

”I have my family my parents, brothers, sisters, everybody. He doesn’t have anybody above him. So perhaps it is lack of… guidance perhaps. Or maybe some sort of fear. Maybe, if I were in his place, I would behave exactly like that.”

Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan

When asked about Aamir, he said,

”To reach the top, you need to have certain qualities. Aamir is fantastic at his work. Look at how he pulled off an action film, Ghajini.”

Coming back to Shahrukh, Salman appreciates his romantic intensity.

”Shahrukh has the amazing romantic intensity. Amitabh Bachchan is the most professional, most hardworking man even now.”

Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan

And on Akshay, he has this to say,

”Akshay Kumar has tremendous, horse-like focus. Ajay has got his own charm, his own audience. For middle and lower-middle-class audiences, the only entertainment is cinema. Going to the movies is like a picnic. If we can’t entertain them, give them value for their money.”

Reading all this, one can easily say that no matter how bad are things between one and Salman, he still has something good to say about him.


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