Salman Khan Ready to Become a Father Via Surrogacy?

This has been a common query for Salman Khan now that when is he planning to get hitched. And as he said in the past, he has no such plans for the future but now reports suggest that he is sure to embrace fatherhood. The latest Times of India report suggests that he is going the Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar way went in order to become a father i.e. Surrogacy.

Salman Khan

The report states,

“Since Salman Khan is yet not ready for marriage, our sources have told us that the actor is opting for surrogacy instead. Many stars from Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor have opted for surrogacy in recent times. And now, Salman Khan is also ready to follow this route since he has no plans to get married. The actor has always shared a close bonding with his nieces and nephews, and finally he is ready to welcome his own kid to the Khan family through surrogacy.”

Salman has a fondness for kids. In fact in the recent past, he made a public statement that if he ever decides to marry, it will be for kids only. Around 2 years back in 2017, in an interview to Filmfare, when Salman was queried about his marriage plans, he said,

”No I don’t feel that time is running out… but I am sure when I am 70 and my child is about 20, then I’d feel it. The only reasons I’d want to have a child right now or in the near future, say in two or three years, is because I’d want mom and dad to see my child.”

In 2016, while he was attending an event in Mumbai, he was asked the same question. And he replied,

“But I want to have three or four kids. Now I know without marriage kids are difficult to get but I will manage it. Pehle umar nahi tha shaadi ka aur ab umar paas ho chuka hai and I am happy.”


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