Salman Khan Burst Into Tears In Front of THIS Actress While Shooting Bharat

Salman Khan, who is currently enjoying his recent release Bharat’s success, got appreciation both from the audience and the critics for it. During a recent sitting with Faridoon Shahryar, he revealed the name of the actress in front of whom he couldn’t get hold of his tears during Bharat’s production phase. Can you guess her name? She’s none other than her Bharat co-star: Tabu.

Read below for detailed happenings:

Salman cried in front of Tabu, while both were shooting a crucial scene for Bharat. He got so emotional that he actually cried with real tears and didn’t use glycerine for the heart-wrenching scene, wherein he says ‘Koi bhi cheezein theek ki jaa sakti hain baat chit se.’

Salman also had words of praise for his another Bharat co-star Sunil Grover. He said,

“I think Sunil Grover is like one of the most talented artists that I’ve ever worked with. When he plays character, he doesn’t do mimicry. He is not doing comedy, he is playing a serious character, that character is making you laugh. He doesn’t have that laughing wala face, he’s got a normal hero wala face.”

On the box-office success of Bharat, Salman spoke to a media group,

“I am very happy with the film doing really really well. Everyone’s work is being appreciated. I have not done these many interviews to promote the film that I am doing now. But it’s okay because all those people who have watched the film and liked it, this is to say a big thank you to them.”

He further added,

“People, who have gone to watch the film, are doing a good job by talking good about the film and encouraging others to watch it. But if people haven’t watched the film and they are not taking these people seriously, then I, myself, am going to say that go and watch it. It’s a good film.”

Bharat that was made with a production budget of 100 Crore INR, has already done business worth Rs 150 crore and with no big releases lined up in the coming weekend, the figure is sure to go up.


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