Saif Ali Khan Tells The Reason Behind Taimur Not Wearing a Mask 

Recently some pics went viral on social media in which Saif, Kareena, and their tiny tot Taimur Ali Khan were spotted on the marine drive without a mask. As we all know that all across the world including India roaming outside sans mask has been made a punishable offense.

Saif Ali Khan Taimur
Saif Ali Khan Taimur

So it was usual that this celebrity family made it to the headlines very quickly for their irresponsible deed. Saif was asked questions regarding the same. Saif replied by saying,

“That was the only time we went out and took Tim along because he’d been locked in for around three months. We had our masks on, but the promenade looked so deserted, so we took them off. But as soon as we saw that there were people around and were told children were not allowed out, we put on our masks and drove away. That was not reported, but it’s a fact that we have been responsible law-abiding citizens and stayed home all through the lockdown and even now, only interact with a few family members”.

Saif used this media interaction to share his views on the ongoing nepotism debate.

“All of us who have managed some success have mutual respect for each other. It’s an amazingly democratic profession and to compare one’s struggle to another and say one is more important is not fair.”

According to Saif, box office audiences have to share the blame in equal measure for nurturing nepotism. As per him, they are the ones who pay to watch the content that features star kids which are further exploited by producers. In other words, if consumers know that product they are buying is a result of bad business practices then they should refrain from buying them. After all market’s demand drives both product innovation and production. If the audience wants to change then they should initiate it as it is their money that filmmakers crave.


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