Saif Ali Khan and His Daughter Sara Ali Khan to Come on the Big Screens Together

The Nawaab of the film Industry, Saif Ali Khan is one of the most successful actors in the Bollywood. He has done some really amazing films which are truly loved by the fans and has been a complete the big screens again very soon. According to the reports, we can soon see Saif Ali Khan working with his daughter Sara Ali Khan in the film which would be directed by Nitin Kakkar. The Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan says,

“Nitin and I have been in talks for a film, but it’s in the early stages. We haven’t finalized it yet. The script is good.”

Saif Ali Khan has confirmed that Nitin is planning a film with him but still the project is to be finalized.

Saif Ali Khan movie with daughter Sara Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan movie with daughter

Talking more about the successful director’s expected film, it will be based on the father-daughter relationship. The film would involve elements of emotions, drama and comedy. A source from DNA reveals,

“It’s a comical, but poignant take on the friendship and the equation that exists between a baap and his beti. But it will have a message, too.”

According to further reports, the director has also approached Saif’s daughter, Sara Ali Khan for the role of daughter in this film. The real-life father-daughter could be seen performing together soon.

Saif Ali Khan movie with daughter

If both Sara and Saif would be working together, it will be their first film together. The Bollywood fans would be very excited to see the real-life relation of this Nawaab and his daughter in the reel life. The source states,

“Nitin has also approached Sara Ali Khan for the role of the daughter. This will probably be Saif and Sara’s first film together. Both of them have liked the story and have verbally given their nod. Now, the modalities and the dates need to be sorted out. Sara and Saif were Nitin’s first choices and the makers thought it would make for an interesting casting coup.”

Saif Ali Khan movie with daughter

According to the reports, Sara Ali Khan has also been very busy with the films signed up in line. She would be doing the film ‘ Kedarnath’ which would be directed by Abhishek Kapoor and also she has signed the movie Simmba which is being directed by the famous director Rohit Shetty. Seeing the current scenario, the young actress Sara Ali Khan seems to be quite occupied and now she is also thinking to appear on the screens with his dad. According to further information, Sara Ali Khan was also offered the film ‘Hindi Medium 2’ which she did not accept.

Saif Ali Khan movie with daughter

Saif is also taking a keen interest in his daughter’s career and is helping her on times. As of now, he is also running quite busy and recently his Indian original Netflix series named ‘Sacred Games’ was also launched. The fans are quite impressed with his acting and the acting of Saif Ali Khan is being said as the best in his career till now. He has always been a very impressive actor and his on-screen presence is always loved by the Bollywood fans. This film with Sara Ali Khan would also be his second film as a daddy who has a special bond with his child. The first one was ‘Chef’ and in the film, a special bond between Saif and his reel life son was shown which truly touched the hearts of many Bollywood fans. The fans would be quite excited to see his second film as a dad and this time not with a reel life son, but his real-life daughter.

Saif Ali Khan movie with daughter

As of now, the fans are waiting for the official announcement of Nitin’s film which would confirm the news of Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan doing the movie together. After hearing this news the fans are definitely excited and are eagerly waiting for Saif and Sara to come on the screens together. Let’s see what ‘baap-beti’ decides further and till then let’s just wait for a final announcement of the Nitin Kakkar’s film.

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