Saif Ali Khan Calls Out The Hypocrisy of Indian Awards Shows

Saif Ali Khan is known for his bold statements. During the lockdown, he made several such revelations that gathered attention from all over the country. He is a bold man and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. In an interview, the actor claimed that he doesn’t believe the Indian Awards show. He recalled a time when he was supposed to get a national award for his performance in ‘Hum Tum’, but at the end moment, the award was given to someone else.

Saif Ali Khan Indian Awards Shows
Saif Ali Khan Indian Awards Shows

Saif said that he felt that he was deserving of this award, and he should have got it. He thinks he has done enough work to prove his talent to the people of our country.

He told Bollywood Hungama in an interview, “Yes, I was seen to be undeserving of the few awards that I received earlier in my career, including the National award for Hum Tum. But I think over the years I’ve proven myself to be more worthy of recognition.”

Speaking about the ‘manipulation’ that happens at Indian awards shows, the actor continued, “To be honest, I don’t believe in them. Some years ago I was called for an awards function. When I got there someone higher up in the organization told me, ‘We wanted to give you the Best Actor award. But you know how it is. We’ll give you the award for Best Actor in a comic role.”

Saif Ali Khan Indian Awards Shows
Saif Ali Khan Indian Awards Shows

He further added, “Why we haven’t created that environment of camaraderie is a debate for some student of sociology to figure out. As I see them, awards functions are an excuse to make some money by performing on stage. If you have intelligence, then you spend the money well. That’s what awards are worth as far as I can see. It’s not about pretending to be an art of a community.”

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