When Saif Ali Khan Opened About His Differences With Salman Khan

We all know that both Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan used to be really close pals once upon a time. They did Hum Saath Saath Hain together and the audience loved their bromance very much in the film. But things changed for reasons that are only best known to them and rumours have always been surfacing that there’s cold war brewing between these two Khans. Looking back in the past, we stumbled upon an old interview of Saif Ali Khan, where he had admitted that indeed there used to be ‘differences’ between them and only these two knew about it.

Saif Ali Khan Speaks On His Spat With Salman. Differences That Have Come Up Between Both And Those That Remain Till Date

Some of the ‘Bhai’ fans are making a wild guess that apparently, after the ‘blackbuck’ saga, things turned sour between both. Below have a thorough look at this old interview of Saif, given to TOI. In 2015, Salman had invited Saif for the special screening of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which also had Saif’s wife, Kareena Kapoor Khan in the lead role. When Saif was asked if Salman invited him because of Kareena, he had said,

“I hope not. Salman, I know, would not do anything just for the sake of it. I have known him longer than I have known Kareena.”

He further said,

“So I would hope that our equation is not dependent on her and I felt very nice about it. I have always had the highest respect and love for Salman. I hadn’t spoken to him for the longest time and was very happy to hear from him.”

When asked about the equation both of them shares, Saif said,

“He is someone I have known for a very long time and was the No.1 star when I had thought of joining movies. He is someone I respect and look up to. I will always look up to him for many reasons. Public reasons, private reasons. We have done films and shows together.”

What about their differences, Saif said,

“Over time, there have been some differences that have come up, which him and only I best know about and that will always remain between him and me. He is someone I have worked with, spent a lot of time with and he is someone I greatly admire as a brother. And that will never change.”

Saif Ali Khan Speaks On His Spat With Salman. Differences That Have Come Up Between Both And Those That Remain Till Date

Coming back to present, Salman got out on bail in still pending 1998 blackbuck poaching case after spending two days in a Jodhpur jail cell, today thanked fans and supporters for standing by him. Salman Khan tweeted to his fans,

“Tears of gratitude. To all my loved ones who are with me and never lost hope. Thank you for being there with all the love and support. God Bless.”

Meanwhile, all the time Salman was lodged in jail, his fans camped outside the jail premises and his home back in Mumbai.


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