Netflix Web Series ‘Sacred Games’ Ending Explained

Netflix is the largest streaming platform that has redefined entertainment both in terms of delivery and content. It’s extremely popular in North America, Europe but a huge chunk of its viewership comes from South Asia. In India, it has been registering double digit growth year on year, but still, there is a huge untapped market that seems unreachable.

A new Hindi Web series titled “Sacred Games” has been launched by Netflix, which has adapted the best-selling novel written by Vikram Chandra of the same name. It has eight episodes and each episode is named relating to Hindu mythology. For instance, the 8th episode is titled ‘Yayati’ who was a Puranic King cursed with old age but he smartly traded it with his son.

The story revolves around two major characters – Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazudin Siddiqui) and Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan). Gaitonde is the most wanted criminal who has committed over 150 murders, one day he decides to call a cop namely Sartaj Singh to tell his life story. He told him that Mumbai has only 25 days left and everyone will die except Trivedi.

Sartaj Singh is suspended from his duty with immediate effect as he refused to tell lie to cover up the crimes of his superior Parulkar. Sartaj continued to privately investigate the leads along with senior RAW officer Anjali Mathur (Radhika Apte) who was later assassinated by the hired gun ‘Malcolm’ (Luke Kenny) who had a connection with home minister Bipin Bhonsale (Girish Kulkarni). Sartaj tracked the massive consignment of guns being transported to a site but he got captured, only to be rescued later by Mumbai Police.

Before shooting himself, Ganesh Gaitonde talked about his three fathers, amongst them two of them were mentioned. But the mystery was the identity of the third one. One day, Sartaj was watching a TV where words of a Hindu guru Khanna (Pankaj Tripathi) caught his attention when he pieced together clues, it led him to the basement of Ganesh’s hideout where Trivedi’s (Chittaranjan Tripathi) dead body was kept. The Hindu guru was the third father and the conspiracy was much bigger than anticipated as only Trivedi will survive and gas masks were hanging. The show ended on a massive cliffhanger.

'Sacred Games' ending

There is a big possibility of a second season of the show as the first season only covered the quarter of the novel and Saif Ali Khan also teased it. He said:

 “Yes, we should be out with one season every year, if that’s the way ahead.”

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