‘Sacred Games 2’: Both: A Packet Of Controversies And A Troublemaker For UAE Based NRI

Alike 1st Season, Sacred Games 2, is also caught in a web of controversies.

  • At first, it is a bad job, as it received mixed reactions from the fans who expected more from the makers after the hit first season.
  • Sacred Games 2
    Sacred Games 2
  • Next, it got an FIR filed against its maker Anurag Kashyap for showing a scene in which Saif Ali Khan‘s character Sartaj Singh is throwing his kada into the sea.
  • And last but not the least, in a scene in one of its episodes, it gave away the mobile number of a UAE based Keralite (Kunhabdulla CM) in its subtitles. And hell is breaking loose on that man as he is getting calls from India, Pakistan, Nepal, the UAE and around the world for no fault of his.

He is so troubled by these unwanted calls, that he gave a public statement that read,

“Hearing my phone ring sends shivers down my spine. I want to cancel my number. I want this problem to go away.”

His number was removed from the show just recently.

Sacred Games 2
Sacred Games 2

Talking about the FIR being filed against Anurag Kashyap. It was filed by BJP Delhi unit spokesperson Tajinder Pal Bagga with the charge that Anurag Kashyap made a deliberate attempt to hurt Sikh sentiments, by depicting a scene, in which actor Saif, who plays a character belonging to the Sikh community, throws his ‘kada’ in the sea.

Bagga wrote in his FIR,

“Kada is considered as a revered and integral part of Sikh religion and it is treated with utmost respect and faith. It is part of five Kakaars, which is quintessential for Sikhs. The Accused above named has deliberately and intentionally depicted the aforesaid scene in his abovementioned Web Series, with the sole intention of insulting and outraging religious feelings of the people belonging to the Sikh Community.”

Sacred Games 2
Sacred Games 2

Manjinder S Sirsa, MLA from Rajouri Garden and a member of Akali Dal was also of the same view and used a series of tweets to express his displeasure over the happenings in the show.

One tweet of Sirsa read,

I wonder why Bollywood continues to disrespect our religious symbols! Anurag Kashyap deliberately puts this scene in #SacredGamesS2 where Saif Ali Khan throws his Kada in sea! A KADA is not an ordinary ornament. It’s the pride of Sikhs & a blessing of Guru Sahib @NetflixIndia @ANI pic.twitter.com/c2KMbJVrwA

— Manjinder S Sirsa (@mssirsa) August 19, 2019

While it is very clear, TV is a public platform and whatever one does be it intentional/unintentional on this platform shall be cross-checked a lot before publishing it. But it is also true that when we are preparing the content for public consumption, errors are expected to creep in unnoticed.

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