Saaho Is A Living Proof Of Rampant Pay Disparity Prevailing In Indian Film Industry 

August 2019 has arrived and silver screen visitors are looking forward to the Prabhas starrer Saaho, which will be hitting the theatres on the 30th of this month. This Prabhas and Shraddha starrer is sure to take the box office by storm not only in the AP/TS regions but at the nationwide level as well. With top-ranked stars and technicians hired for the job, Saaho is one of the most expensive films to be ever made in Indian cinema.

After pasting his name, Baahubali, on India’s most powerful rocket ever built i.e. GSLV-MK III. Prabhas is back with Shraddha Kapoor as her love interest. This is latter’s Telugu cinema debut as well.

Prabhas And Shraddha Kapoor Fans Need To Wait For " Saaho"
Prabhas And Shraddha Kapoor Fans Need To Wait For ” Saaho”

Rumors are doing the rounds regarding the fat paycheck that the star received for Saaho. If one believes these rumors his salary for this job has made him the highest paid actor in Indian cinema, leaving behind Bollywood. Saaho being a big budget venture, incoming reports reveal that Prabhas made a whopping 100 crore for doing this job.

And when it comes to the remuneration of  Shraddha, he made a whopping 7 crore by playing Prabhas’s leading lady in this action flick. This millennial female star made it to the list of highest-paid Indian actresses and she didn’t take even a decade to achieve this feat.

Saaho Indian Film Industry
Saaho Indian Film Industry

100 Crore versus 7 Crore

When one reads this, he/she for sure will be surprised that despite a global movement to counter pay disparity currently underway, still the Saaho filmmakers felt no discomfort doing this injustice to Shraddha.

They were making both Prabhas and Shraddha do an equal amount of work for this flick and when came the time of payment they let Shraddha go off with just a mere 7 Crore in comparison to Prabhas’s 100 Crore.

Shraddha is a debutante in Telugu film industry for sure and not much of an experienced performer. But when one sees to West female actresses in Hollywood are negotiating their remuneration rather than just taking the cheque in silent mode.

Females in film industry need to stand for themselves, if they want to get rid of pay disparity and fear of loss of job shall not be their excuse as karma delivers for sure, if one is ready to do her part without compromise.

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