Rubina Tells Abhinav, ‘Kavita vala kissa kabhi nahi pucha maine tumse’

Bigg Boss 14 is high on TRP these days. You might have seen a lot of influential television celebrities taking sides on social media regarding on-going controversial statements inside the house. The competition inside the house is getting worse day by day. So many popular celebrities are indulging themselves in highly unacceptable behavior that even reality TV host, Salman Khan has to point out their problematic statements on National television.

 Rubina Tells Abhinav

In the latest Weekend Ka war episode, Bollywood megastar Salman Khan called Rubina’s behavior against Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan unacceptable. After which, Rubina was seen crying and pleading to Bigg boss for leaving the show. Rubina’s husband, Abhinav Shukla tried talking to her but she wasn’t ready to listen. In the promo episode, both of them are seen discussing the issue where Rubina cries and tells Abhinav, “Kavita vala kissa kabhi nahi pucha maine tumse”. Abhinav tells Rubina to cheer up or else he won’t take to her, Rubina replies by saying, “Baby, tere ko samajh nahin aata, main tera emotional support kaise banti. Vo Kavita vala kissa maine aaj tak nahin poocha.”

 Rubina Tells Abhinav
Rubina Tells Abhinav

This statement doesn’t go well with Abhinav and he is seen all irritated as he said, “Mere charitra pe sawaal uthaya? Have you lost it?”. Rubina is then seen crying and saying, “Dil ko jo baat chubh rahi hai, kisko jaakar bolun.” But Abhinav stands up and say, “Tu galat kar rahi hai” and walks away leaving a crying Rubina alone.

In the same promo video, Rubina and Arshi khan are seen fighting with each other yet again, where the latter loses her temper and breaks the chair in the dining area. This act of Arshi Khan is not liked by the owner of the house and of course, the celebrity is reprimanded by the Bigg Boss.


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What are your thoughts about Rubina’s matter? Do you support her or do you think she should give Bigg Boss another chance? Do let us know, in the comments section below.

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