List of 10 Romantic Kollywood Movies

Kollywood is the third largest cinema in our country. It produces the film in the Tamil language. There are many amazing movies which are released here. Kollywood is no less when it comes to producing movies. There is a wide range of movies here. Below mentioned are some of the best romantic Kollywood movies. Watch these movies and fall in love with the characters.

Mouna Raagam

Mouna Ragam was released in the year 1986. Run time of the movie is 2-hour and 25 minutes. The movie is a Tamil language romantic drama that was written and directed by Mani Ratnam, it was produced by G. Venkateshwara. The story is about the life of a lady named Divya. She is forced by her family to marry a guy she did not love. Divya did want to get married as she was still not completely over the death of her former lover. The story follows Divya’s inner conflict between holding onto her past and coming to the terms with the present and making a life with her husband.


Film Bombay was released in the year 1995. Run Time of the movie is 2 hour and 19 minutes. It movie is directed by Mani Ratnam. The main actors of the film are Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala. The story is about a guy, Shekhar who is the son of a traditional Hindu father who lives in a seaside village in Tamil Nadu. Shekhar is a journalism student who is studying in Bombay visits back home to see his family. On one of his return trips, he sees Shaila Bano, a Muslim schoolgirl in the village. Initially the girl is shy so she seeks to distance herself from Shekhar, but eventually, after frequent tries, the girls fall in love with the boy. It is a beautiful love story that you will enjoy throughout.

Kadhal Kottai

Kadhal Kottai was released in the year 1996. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 46 minutes. It is a Tamil-language Indian romance drama film that is directed by Agathiyan. The main characters of the movie are Ajith Kumar and Devayani. Also, apart from the main roles, Thalaivasal Vijay, and Karan are the ones who played major roles. In the film, Kadhal Kottai, the plot revolves around two introvert hearts falling in unconditional love with each other. The characters do not even see each other until the climax. This was the second film which was directed by Agathiyan-Ajith following Vaanmathi.

Kadhalukku Mariyadhai

The movie was released in the year 1997. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai is a Tamil romantic musical movie which is directed by Fazil. The main actors of the movie are Shalini and Vijay. And the supporting actors are Sivakumar, Srividya, and Manivannan. This film was a remake of Fazil’s successful Malayalam film, Aniathipravu, which featured Kunchacko Boban and Shalini in the lead roles or the main roles. The movie has a great story and amazing actors. It is a must watch.

Kadhalar Dhinam

The movie was released in the year 1999. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 35 minutes. It is a Tamil romantic drama film which is directed by Kathir. The movie is about a character whose name is Raja (Kunal). He is from a poor family and gains admission for an MBA program at the Ramachandra College in Mumbai with the help of the college chairman, Ramachandra (Nassar). Raja met Roja (Sonali Bendre) through the Internet and they become friends. The two people fall in love with each other. The story is a series of accidents that prevented Raja and Roja from expressing their feelings to each other. The movie keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout. It is a sweet story and the characters perform their role well.


The movie was released in the year 2000. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 37 minutes. The movie became a huge hit as the audiences fell in love with the characters of this movie. Alai Payuthey is a dramatic and comedy movie. It is a movie that you’d love to watch with your family. The story is about a couple whose wife disappears. In order to find his wife, Karthik tries to remember in flashbacks his life with his wife, the film traces their brief marriage as the couple’s dreamy romance runs through the usual game of highs and lows. The story is sweet and simple. The characters play a major role as they are able to portray exactly what their characters demand. It is a beautiful film to watch. Watch this movie as you will surely fall in love with the characters and the film.


The movie was released in the year 2001. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 51 minutes. This movie is another hit. Minnale is full of love story and romance. Maddy which is played by Madhavan is a college hoodlum who has his first crush on Reena Joseph (which is played by Reema Sen). But Reena is engaged and to be married to Rajiv, an Indian engineer who has settled abroad. In an effort to gain her heart, Maddy impersonates Rajiv and tries to her friend. See the movie to find out what will happen when the real Rajiv will come? Watch this movie as it is extremely entertaining and the acting is amazing.

Mounam Pesiyadhe

The movie was released in the year 2002. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 48 minutes. Mounam Pesiyadhe movie is about a character whose name is Gautham (which is played by Surya) who is a restaurant owner. He does not like the idea of young couples flirting with each other in the name of “love”. Whereas His close friend Kannan (which is played by Nandha), on the other hand, is just the opposite. He introduces himself as an employed bachelor to every girl he meets on the road but the story starts when Nanda falls in love with a girl whose marriage is already with his cousin. It’s a beautiful love story. The acting is amazing and the direction is also good. You must watch this movie if you wish to see a romantic movie.


This movie was released in the year 2004. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Kaadhal movie revolves around Murugan (which is played by Bharath) who is a diligent scooter mechanic in Madurai and life goes on smoothly for the young man till a rich schoolgirl Aishwarya sees him. Will, she fall in love with him or will use him for her benefit? In order to find out, watch this movie. The movie has a unique story and a lovely performance by the characters.

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal

Romantic Kollywood Movies

The movie was released in the year 2006. Run time of the movie is 2 hours and 52 minutes. Sillunu Oru Kaadhal movie revolves around a character whose name is Gowtham (which is performed by Surya) and Kundhavi (which is performed by Jyothika) get married without a lot of enthusiasm and most importantly without love. But there is a twist in a story as 6 years later, they are a happily married couple living in Mumbai, completely in love with each other and doting on their daughter Aishwarya. It is again a unique story that is worth a watch. The movie is loved by the critics and the audience.

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