Roles of Salman Khan and Disha Patani Revealed in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Upcoming Film ‘Bharat’

According to the recent reports, Salman Khan is all set to shoot for Ali Abbas Zafar’s film ‘Bharat’. The film will also be featuring Disha Patani in the major role with Salman Khan. Salman Khan in this movie will re-create one of his movies. As per now, the complete information of Salman Khan and Disha Patani’s roles have been revealed and definitely, it is going to excite all the Bollywood fans. In the film, we would also see Priyanka Chopra who would be performing a song as well with our ‘Blockbuster Khan.’

According to the information, the film ‘Bharat’ is based on the 1960’s era and the sets have already been prepared in the Filmistan Studios in Mumbai. The shooting will also be done in Abu Dhabi and Malta. The film is somehow similar to the Raj Kumar’s movie ‘Mera Naam Joker’ which went on to be a super hit. The film was based on a circus with Indian and Russian culture and was released in the year 1970. The film was completely loved by the Bollywood fans and it was very well received by the fans. Salman Khan would be now working on a similar concept and he is all set to entertain the fans with his role in ‘Bharat.’

The director Ali Abbas Zafar states that he will take Salman Khan back to the days of ‘Karan Arjun’ movie. He has stated that he will be using prosthetics to take Salman Khan back to those days. As the movie is similar to the Indian-Russian circus film named ‘Mera Naam Joker’, the artists, stuntmen, and all other performers from all over the world would be included in the cast and crew team and they would be performing all the tricks and stunts for this movie.

According to the confirmed reports, Salman Khan would be playing the role of a courageous stunt motorcyclist in his upcoming film ‘Bharat.’ This would be the first time his fans would be watching him in this unique avatar. Interestingly Salman Khan will look very lean and young in the film. It is being said that he would be looking like he was in his 20’s and that’s definitely a very exciting part of the film. Salman Khan has always been a true entertainer and is truly loved by the Bollywood fans. The news of his upcoming movie ‘Bharat’ and now his revealed role in the film is surely going to make his fans more happy and excited as they would definitely love to see the ‘Blockbuster Khan’ in a new look.

On the other side, Disha Patani would be playing the role of a trapeze artiste in the film ‘Bharat.’ According to the information, Disha Patani will have to go through an extensive training process as the role of Disha Patani is not that easy and so she will have to prepare herself for the role of a trapeze artiste. She would be a part of an extensive training which would be held for more than a month which would require a lot of dedication from this young and talented actress of the Bollywood film industry. On the other side, the Bollywood fans would see Priyanka Chopra, Sunil Grover and Tabu in the major roles.

Salman Khan Disha Patani Ali Abbas Zafar Bharat

When Ali Abbas Zafar was asked about the film and the roles of the superstars, he said,

“The idea is to create an Indian-Russian circus-like Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker. Performers from all around the world are flying down for the circus tricks which will be a mix of trapeze hoops and rope stunts. This is Salman and Disha’s introduction. He plays a daredevil stunt motorcyclist  in the circus while she is a trapeze artiste.”

So the Ali Abbas Zafar’s film ‘Bharat’ would be hitting the theatres in the year 2019, during Eid and the Bollywood fans would be eagerly waiting to see these superstars very soon on the big screens. For now, let’s just wait for the further announcement related to this Ali Abbas Zafar’s film.

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