Rohit Shetty Issues A Public Statement That The Role Of Katrina Kaif In Sooryavanshi Has A Significance Of Its Own

Walking on the lines of Hollywood which is all about cinema universes, Bollywood is also following the suit. In a revelation made few days back, Director Rohit Shetty says he is expanding the ‘desi cop’ universe, which he kick-started with Ajay Devgn-starrer Singham and followed up with Ranveer Singh’s Simmba and it is time now for Akshay Kumar-fronted Sooryavanshi. The film that that has went into production phase as we talk about it, also features Ajay and Ranveer.

Rohit Shetty Issues A Public Statement That Kat’s Role In Sooryavanshi Has A Significance Of Its Own
Rohit Shetty Issues A Public Statement That Kat’s Role In Sooryavanshi Has A Significance Of Its Own

In an interview to PTI, Rohit told,  “After making Singham franchise, we thought of expanding the cop universe and that’s how Simmba happened. For the first time, we had merged two worlds – Simmba and Singham and had also added a new element with Sooryavanshi. It was a big risk but it worked.”

He further added, “We are trying to create a world of our own and we have been open about it. It will only grow (with time). There will be female cops as well in my universe.”

Rohit thinks that budget constraints make it impossible for something like Avengers franchise to be created on Indian mainland. His words in exact were, “The budget of something like Avengers is too high. We do not have that kind of budget. It is not that we do not have a special team (referring to VFX) or action. We have that.”

Meanwhile when it comes to his and Kat’s onscreen collaboration it is their first project together till date. And he comments that Sooryavanshi is the right project for them to begin working together. He shared, “Katrina has a very good role in the film. We both have been trying to work with each together on a film but this seemed like an apt film for both of us.”

When it comes to Rohit’s projects that are dedicated to kids, in recent he has associated himself with the animated version of his own film Golmaal. This TV series that will be titled: Golmaal Jr is co-produced by Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty Picturez. And it goes on air coming Monday on Nickelodeon Sonic.

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