Exclusive: Rohit Shetty Confessed He Fears Ajay Devgan and The Reason Is Here!

Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgan have collaborated for about 10 films and it would not be wrong if we call them the blockbuster director-actor duo of Bollywood as we know the success they have achieved working together with many hit films; especially with their hit franchise of Golmaal and Singham. Eventually, regardless of having so much to his grade, Rohit Shetty confesses that he still fears Ajay Devgan.

In the recent interview of Mumbai Mirror with Rohit Shetty, who has unexpectedly managed to get Ajay on his sets with a cameo role in Ranveer Singh starrer Simmba, explained about the not so normal bond he shares with Ajay, who is like an elder brother in his life. He stated that “People call us friends but I am still scared of Ajay, who is like an elder brother. You will never see me walking with my arm around his shoulder. I respect him too much.”

He added in his statement that

“When approaching him for Simmba, I told him I wanted him to make an extended cameo as Bajirao Singham, He just nodded, ‘I’m there with you, go ahead.”

He really proved with his statements that how grateful he feels whenever he works with a star like Ajay Devgan.

In his recent release Simmba, which is produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Production he has starred the debutant Sara Ali Khan opposite Ranveer Singh. It is revealed, that with Ajay Devgan having a cameo in the film, Rohit Shetty has also reunited with the Golmaal boys including Tushar Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Kunal Khemu and Shreyas Taldapde.

In a recent report, it is also revealed that Ajay Devgan will shake a leg in the end credit song of the movie. After the trailer and the Ankh Maarey song is released the fans are going crazy for Ajay’s role in the film and also Ranveer Singh’s different look.

According to some reports, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgan are currently working on the music video for the end credit track along with the great Choreographer Ganesh Acharya, with 50 women background dancers, 60 men background dancers and also with 50 foreigners for the song.

Rohit Shetty Ajay Devgan

As we see the newlywed Ranveer’s entry is no different from lion entry in his upcoming film simmba but he reveals that he is not simmba at the house. In his own residence, he enters looking like a scaredy cat.

At the promotion events of Simmba, Ranveer Singh speaks about what he feels about being in this film with the bone-fide director Rohit Shetty, he said,

“It is my first bona fide ‘in and as’. It is with a director who has such a great, vast and sparkling equity. And he is really not holding back this time, with the way he is mounting the film and everything that he is pumping into the film. It really is my biggest outing and I am doing my best to perform my level best in this film and keeping my fingers crossed. I am excited about it and I hope people watch the film and love it.”

However, the fans are eagerly waiting for the on-screen chemistry of debutant Sara Ali Khan and newlywed Ranveer Singh.

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