Rohit Roy’s ‘Rajinikanth Tested +Ve For Coronavirus’ Meme Backfires on Him 

TV Actor: Rohit Roy was subjected to heavy trolling on social media after he used his Instagram to post a coronavirus joke on superstar Rajinikanth, that didn’t go well with Southern superstar’s fans.

Yes, it was an act of irresponsible use of social media at First sight on Rohit’s part seeing how much lives coronavirus has claimed globally.

Rohit Roy’s Rajinikanth Coronavirus
Rohit Roy’s Rajinikanth Coronavirus

Going into details, Rohit Roy decided to have some fun and in the process posted a joke on Instagram that read “Rajinikanth tested +ve for Corona. Corona is now under quarantine.” Rohit captioned it with words,

“Let’s beat the shit outta the corona!! Be safe when u get back to work! Wear your masks n keep washing n sanitizing several times a day, as much as possible… The virus can’t affect us unless WE LET IT! #staysafe.”

Because Rohit is a celebrity, his post caught public attention immediately. And there were many comments slamming Rohit for this irresponsible online behavior. One of the users commented,

“This is insensitivity and lack of sympathy for those who suffered a lot unlike u, being a star and getting bored in ur lavish house. I know once this is over u will get back to work. So hope ur popularity and followers increased many times after this.”

Whilst another commented,

“It’s not funny at all what if someone posts Rohit Roy is dead and at the same moment he is saying guys it was a joke blah blah… This will hurt u nd ur fans too ryt.. I think u have created ur image very bad now because nobody is going to speak good for uh”

Rohit Roy’s Rajinikanth Coronavirus
Rohit Roy’s Rajinikanth Coronavirus

Reading all the negative comments, Rohit reacted with words that read,

“Guys chill … don’t be so morose! A joke is a joke.. and sorry I don’t think it’s in bad taste.. it’s a typical Rajni sir joke.. and my intention was to make you guys smile.. look at the intention before you start commenting.. at least I didn’t crack a joke to hurt you all like you all are posting messages deliberately to hurt me.”


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